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1520: Don’t Come To The Cookout

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Rod and Karen discuss hurricane Irma, news disasturbation, Limbaugh, raising kids in the US, Rochester Institute messes up, True Detective, John Mayer, Hurricane Harvey giving,Flavor Flav sues Chuck D, DIY divorces, That’s Ya’ll Man, White People News and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Lennie

    The breaking news for Brad and Jennifer cracked me up. Now can Jennifer just come out and say she’s doesn’t want kids? For years, folks have been blaming her Brad and Angie for her childlessness. Game recognizes game though. I’m not saying that’s a reason for infidelity. I’m saying if it was “timing,” why would Brad cry when asked the child question during the Ocean’s 11 publicity?

  2. iTashaNicole

    I’m soooooo glad that you guys are back. I love how Karen plays “guess the race” on all articles regardless of the segment because I do the same! Keep up the good work y’all!

  3. JM Mutore

    I went and listened to the Inner Hoe ep you mentioned (what a great cast!) and I spent the WHOLE time cringing at the dude they chose to interview. He was the most beige of moderates. No matter what they said, he just couldn’t get it. It makes me want to go triple-check all my Black male friends (and I hope I have the type of friends who would check me on this type of shit) cause this “stand-by blerd” mentality is not tolerable.

    Anyways, thanks Rod and Karen for everything you do, and thanks for recommending other podcasts.

  4. FalconsDiva

    I always love discovering the reason behind the show title. Killing grandma at the cookout resulted in a loss of work productivity for a good 20 minutes!

    Welcome back Rod and Karen! I’m glad you enjoyed your time off.

  5. No thank you (@SugarpopFIT)

    This damn all-lives-matter-ass version of waterfalls

  6. Anonymous

    I graduated from R.I.T. I’m so disappointed ☹ yet not surprised. 20 years ago there was nothing done about the MULTIPLE rapes committed by 1 dude, even tho everyone on campus knew. Administration did nothing. SMH. A school full of book smart people with no common sense.

  7. Anonymous

    So glad you’re back and I did have the TBGWT shakes during your break, but self-care is important so take your PTO.

    Regarding Jennifer and Brad, so, I’m corny because I actually remember “the moment” when I saw the news that they were getting divorced. Hearing you say that he apologized was actually some white news I really wanted to hear. thank you. #NotBeingSarcastic

  8. rigo1819

    Hey Rod and Karen, I hope you enjoyed your time off but am glad to have you back. Regarding the Trae the Truth situation, I know your cautious about hearing out Charlamagne and TI but I think they’re spot on about calling out the station for not covering Trae. That station has a ban on Trae the truth, intentionally not putting the word out on where to get his help for those that needed it. Charlamagne and TI are often problematic and wrong but this time it wasn’t about taking the shine off a woman but calling out a petty beef that is standing in the way of people getting help.

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