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1521: iPhone X

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Rod and Karen discuss LGBTQ news, Ted Cruz liked a porn tweet, iPhone X announced, Ed Murray resigns, Republican spends campaign money on bullets, Texas prof fired over rape tweet, PewDiePie says the n-word, All Lives Splatter, Welfare Fraud amnesty for white people, man tries to run down Antifas, McDonald;s right, big sis pep talk, GOP lawmaker threatens democrat over confederate statues, woman shoots homeless man, psychic scammer, cheese thief and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Anonymous

    Ha! Thank you for the comic relief Queen K! “Anything is possible”, dem darn amazon homophobic drones cutting brakes and stopping at Kinko’s to print off personal history! You’re hilarious.

  2. Amani

    Sister Karen, Dear Brother Rod I’m proud of you! We are descended from kings and queens, and you have people telling you not to buy me just because I’m a little expensive? Don’t let the crab mentality hold you down from living your best life. Who is your bank account to tell you not to do something? Reject that number like I rejected my slave name. The so-called white man in America has been pulling the wool over your eyes. You’ve been had, you’ve been took, you’ve been hoodwinked, bamboozled, run amok!

    But I’m glad to see the sun has shone through to you two. How else could Karen see through the deceptions to know it was really the homophobic robots behind it all. It’s truly a beauticious sight.

    – The honorable minister Elijah iPhone X

  3. Coquinegra

    I hereby protest the cheese puns.
    That is all.

  4. Dia

    Maybe Ted Cruz and the Innagram Pastor were framed by the same staff member?

    I laughed so hard when Karen was talking about robots killing people. I had to glance at the episode title to see if it was a Whites and Wine epy.

    But to be serious, I do understand what Karen was saying.

  5. katrinapavela

    Hi, Karen and huzzzband! I’m so glad you’re back, and (hopefully) rested. I wanted to chime in on two things:

    W/r/t lesbians getting paid slightly more than straight women, I side with you and one of the chat room members on this. It *is*, in part, because queer-presenting women are perceived as less likely to get ‘accidentally’ pregnant, on account of us not riding dick–especially more ‘masculine’ or non-binary presenting queer women. But because we are seen as less likely to get pregnant (without planning), and pregnancy is associated with femininity, it ties into what you said, Rod, about work places valuing more masculine traits. Men can’t have children and don’t need the leave associated with it, therefore women who don’t have those ‘entanglements’ are seen as more valuable.

    When I interviewed for a job a few years ago at a small private company here in the UK, I was asked by the two co-owning males of the company about whether or not I was planning to get pregnant. They had never had a woman in the role I interviewed for. In fact, the only woman that worked for their company was the HR person (typical), and that was outsourced. The knew it was illegal to ask me in the interview process, and said so *before* they asked me anyway I am very femme-presenting. I told them I had a wife and didn’t want children (I was underemployed at the time and really needed the job). I got the job. I’m not saying the offer depended on my answer, but I can’t help to think it didn’t tick a box in my favour.

    Lastly, w/r/t how Republicans are trying to deal with the impending demographics crisis, I gotta side with Karen here. I understand what you are saying, Rod–that Republicans are going to have to change course on some social issues, if their parties are to survive. But that will not happen until they have run ragged on their authoritarian moves. They *do* need white women to have more white babies. According to the Guttmacher Institute at the CDCP (http://www.nbcnews.com/id/22689931/ns/health-womens_health/t/whos-getting-abortions-not-who-youd-think/#.WbkXQMiGPIU), more than half of all abortions in the US are performed on white women. Naturally, Republicans have been going hard in the paint to limit abortion access (especially post 2008 election), to stem the tide of white decline in the US. No, they can’t prevent births of other races, but you have to look at the situation in tandem with other Republican policies and strategies:

    *Refugee & Travel ban (especially how they tailored it to bar cultures who tend to have large families; now struck down by SCOTUS)
    *Assault on Black life and culture, including the uptick in the police and carceral state, and school-to-prison pipeline. Add Betsy DeVos’ attempts at re-segregation to that.
    *Ending DACA and rampant deportation orders
    *Gerrymandering and voter supression tactics

    So, though they cannot prevent births by other races/ethnicities, they can prevent entry, intimidate, oppress, or criminalize those lives so that their voting power is nil. At the end of the day, that’s what they have been working extra hard to suppress since 2008: our political power.

    Sorry for the long post. Love y’all!

    • Michelle

      I agree with every point you just made. Especially about the push to limit abortions and change the birthrates among white women. I’ll add to that the creepy religious denominations that encourage very large families like the Duggars on TLC. This is a mainly white Christian phenomenon. The only thing we’re missing in this country is an incentive program by the government for white couples to have more babies like they have in France.

  6. katrinapavela

    Get your hand out of my pocket, iPhone X! I don’t have it for you.

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