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PG 113: Price’s Chicken Coop

Rod and Justin discuss Rod’s time off, Justin runs into Damon, local elections, Price’s Chicken Coop, gentrification, Survivor’s Remorse and Snowfall.


  1. rodimusprime

    What up Rod and J General Kelly,

    I didn’t even hear the speech 45 said the other day, I just saw the picture of his General with his hand over his head. I laughed out loud. This is what these white folks wanted and the whole world gets to see it. Justin I’m on episode 8 of Ozark, I’ll write in when I’m done because these folks are trippin. This pastor really thinks he can solve the drug issue in the white community.

    Rod I know you watch those documentaries, have you been watching that new Kenny Burns? It just came out the other day and it’s called “The Vietnam War”. Hopefully you can watch it because like all history there is a bunch of shit to learn from the past. It’ll make you mad as hell though, because you know it takes place during the 60s. So as a black man back then you could either get your ass beat by the cops at home or go to Vietnam and get blown up. They just got to the mid 1960s when they revamped the draft and all of a sudden the military filled up with majority black and brown people.

    I’ll say this one last thing and be done. The government back in the 1960s was trying to find a new “president” for South Vietnam. There was a candidate who pleased LBJ and others because he dressed well, drank a lot, and flirted with women. White man shit. Vietnamese citizens described the guy as a dumbass who was actually happy about his ignorance. LBJ selected the man to be president. He was pretty much a South Vietnamese Trump in the 1960s. White folks really are useless.

    Great shows my nigs,


  2. DeonBmore

    What Up Rod & Jevin Hart,

    The chicken convo from last week literally made me throw my salad in the trash and drive the 20 minutes from my job to Popeyes after the live show. That 3 piece spicy with the cajun sparkle and red beans & rice hit the spot, so I’m not even mad. In regards to the chicken wing sandwich question, some people do eat the bones (my wife is one of them).

    It always trips people out when eats anything with bones in front of a person for the first time. She’s so dainty and prissy looking, but she’s a woman of the people. She will crack open and suck the marrow out of a chicken bone, ox tail, fish head or anything. Half the time when she claims that she is “saving” some bones to make broth with or give to the dog I think she’s really just putting them away for when me and my daughter aren’t home.

    Anyway keep the shows coming,


  3. Mack

    Neckbones and gizzards! Yes please! I just bought some fried gizzards on Friday! So good! And neckbones aren’t that hard to eat. Especially when you get big meaty ones! Slow cooked and well seasoned over some rice with some corn bread and cabbage or greens – it’s heaven.

    But when y’all mentioned chicken wing sandwiches, I was cracking up. I grilled some drum sticks the other week, and someone straight up put one between 2 pieces of bread and made a sandwich. I was cracking up. I was like, you don’t want to cut the meat off or nothin? She was like, “NOPE!” I’ve always wondered about folks buying rib sandwiches instead of chopped pork. Are they really just biting around the bone inside of the sandwich???

    I went to Price’s once when I went to Charlotte. It was some good food. These cash only spots kill me because I know they’re making a killing, but they don’t reinvest and modernize the spot or anything. It’s like stepping back in time every time I go to one….but I keep going back.

  4. FalconsDiva

    I can’t believe I’ve never been to Price’s Chicken Coop! I lived in Charlotte for 4 years and go back at least 4 times a year and I’ve never been blessed to experience Price’s. I’m putting it on my list and when I go, I’m definitely getting some chicken gizzards.

    Rod, I’m so glad you’re watching Survivor’s Remorse. Mike Epps was my favorite character. Now that he’s gone, M Chuck is my favorite.

  5. Anonymous

    Dear Rod and Justin,
    OMG, you guys had me in tears talking about your local politicians and the crack chicken spot. You both had me flashbacking to the days of fried chicken gizzards and liver and neck bone seasoned rice. NIGGA!!! YES LAWD that’s some of old school grandma cooking. I used to get fried gizzards from the El cheapo Chinese restaurant when I was young and in my 20s. It used to be so delicious and satisfying. Now, if I tried to eat that it would only be out of hate my digestive system…but now my mouth watering.

    Saw the impossible white man movie American Assassin. Can’t wait to hear your review.


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