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BDS 223: Unstoppable PEDS: The Sharadope-a Story So Far

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Sharadopa, NFL boycott, Jemele Hill under fire, Micheal Bennett, Lavar Ball, Howard beats UNLV, Dunk On Your Wife Challenge, Ice Cube sued over Big 3, Zab Judah, Le’Veon Bell, Isaiah Thomas, Conley untouchable, D Fish on Dancing With The Stars, Kyrie, Magic Johnson, Klay Thompson bank robber, Taylor Swift, Kevin Sumlin called n-word, Josh Brown suspended again, NFL needs to get out of the punishment business, T-Mac, Lonzo Ball song, NBA lotto reform, NBA activism, Melo trying to get La La back, Cromartie’s are expecting, Heat want Wade for cheap, swimmer accused of rape, JJ Watt, Adrien Broner wilds out, Kobe retiring two numbers, Scottie and Larsa moving to LA together, Marbury wants back in the NBA, Brian Cushing on that stuff again, Derek Fisher wins child support, Seattle arena and Westbrook getting bread.


  1. rodimusprime

    What’s up FalconsDiva,

    Maaaaan how much did you like that game on Sunday night in front of all of America? I know I liked seeing Rodgers get busted up. I know I enjoyed watching Julio shake off tackles. I’ll even admit all that extra traffic was worth it because the new stadium is ballin. Oh hold up here they come.

    What up Rod and J Collinsworth,

    Rod I know you’re not watching the NFL due to the lack of quality from your Eagles and Panthers. And I know Justin is a noble guy who’s been boycotting the NFL for years, which means yall might’ve missed what happened Sunday night. Atlanta did the most Atlanta thing ever and pulled up with the ceiling missing. That stadium is noice! The rumor was the roof wouldn’t be able to open for a while but we had to stunt on em. Something else you missed, Aaron Rodgers getting hit up and down the field. I know everybody was waiting on the Falcons defense to falter, but it didn’t happen. The only thing that made me mad was Chris Collingsworth. This dude brought up the super bowl on every drive! They had powerpoint presentations and shit to remind us how dumb the play calling was back in February. I might have to boycott the NFL annoucers and watch the games on mute from now on. Since yall ain’t watching the games what’d you end up doing Sunday?


    AJ (the other Falcons fan)

  2. TheFirebrand

    What up Rod and J’Eli Manning!

    This kinda crosses over with the NFL Boycott episode on the main show, but thank you for highlighting the misogynoire underneath it all that too few people are calling out.

    To clarify about Kaepernicks girlfriend: she is Arab-American not black. Her parents immigrated from Egypt but she was born here. (I might be the minority on this, but that casts a different light on her calling Ray Lewis a house nigga to his Twitter face, but don’t no one like that nigga, so it’s permissible this one time.)

    Anyhow great show as always!! Good luck in fantasy. I hate I missed the sign up this year. Its a lot of fun playing knowing damn well you don’t watch games.

    Im out!

  3. FalconsDiva

    Hey guys! I’m not sure if they showed the full National Anthem on TV Sunday night. The pianist accompanying Mike Phillips played the intro to Lift Every Voice and Sing. Then Mike ended with the raised fist. The white folks (and quite a few black folks) didn’t have a clue. It was SO DOPE!!

    My travels have kept me from listening to you guys live but thanks for great content to keep me entertained on my flights.

  4. Amani

    Hey Rod and J. Durant

    Justin talked about missing Bomani’s burner accounts, well I guess KD did too! It wasn’t enough roasting kids on his main account, he had to keep a couple in the chamber. I’m just surprised Rod didn’t expose this one like Black Canseco.

    And look at Cam trying to come back! Got that new commercial with 2 Chainz. His brother over here repping HBCUs quarterbacking at Howard. Him and Don Lemon peeking over the fence trying to see if they can get a to go plate from the cookout yet.

  5. DrUzo82

    Greetings Rod and J. Sharadopa,
    I just wanted to point out that Baby Alexis already has the same number of Australian Open titles as that straw-headed, steroid-ridden “beanpole”. The real rivalry is between Baby Alexis and Ms. Share-a-needle, and Serena’s sweet offspring never has to participate in another game of tennis, EVER (cuz ain’t no way the doping queen wins another title CLEAN)… I hope that fact imparts as much joy to you as it does to me.
    Thanks so much for this very serious sports show… I love it! Keep up the great work!

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