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1526: Rhinosaursuses

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Rod and Karen discuss an update on the Kevin Hart scandal, LGBTQ news, Dylann Roof, Jennifer Lewis, Hitler speech found at hate criminal’s house, Jourdan Dunn update, Nazi gets knocked out, slave night, Steve Bannon, Black Lives Matter course, nurses flipping off babies, paleontologist dies, state trooper pulls over women to ask out and sword ratchetness.

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  1. D Ramsey PhDone

    This LGBTQIA News story about the Drag Queens Brawling Down Under gave me all my lives this am!!!!
    I am #TeamCocoaJumbo #TeamIvyLeaguee #TeamVibe

  2. katrinapavela

    Well, Karen, you may not be that far off about a UK version of ‘the 53%’. 52% of all British whites (not including the Irish because they are *still* classed as an ‘ethnic minority’ O_o) voted for Brexit. That is more than all of the other ethnic groups, including the Irish ones. Mostly, it was the fault of the white people who live in England, as Wales and Scotland said nah. 50% of all women voted for Brexit. I cannot find specific information on white women, but you can extrapolate from the other stats that there is definitely a version of ‘the 53%’ here. And, yep, there was a lot of ‘economic anxiety’ talk, but not in those words. They prefer to talk about class over here more, and downplay the intersections with race. Maybe Bernie Sanders should consider re-locating.

    source (The Roundtree Foundation): https://www.jrf.org.uk/report/brexit-vote-explained-poverty-low-skills-and-lack-opportunities?gclid=CjwKCAjwo4jOBRBmEiwABWNaMZZk-97I1B5qyy7Z0M0cfGSkTUnavNjvDjA6xk8F13EV48GQmnQFNBoCrxkQAvD_BwE

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