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PG 114: Laugh At His Pain

Rod and Justin discuss walking around the apartment complex, Rick and Morty, Vice Principals, Survivor’s Remorse, Ballers, LHHH, Black Love, Kevin Hart, blind football player and listener feedback.


  1. rodimusprime

    What up Rod and J-Trilly,

    I finally caught up on Vice Principals but even I didn’t expect Lee to
    be that savage on those train tracks. Did you see the dance moves he
    put on those teachers before burning their shit?! I’m so confufsed
    now, at first I really thought Lee was the shooter but Gamby has too
    many enemies. He planted weed on a kid, c’mon man. I enjoyed seeing
    Belinda Brown (and her big butt) but it does seem like she won’t be in
    this season, hopefully that’s not the case.

    I hope yall talk about it, but how are you liking that Kenny Burns? I
    finished part 10 the other day and just sat on my couch feeling like
    “damn”. I’m not sure what part you’re on but your face will melt when
    you when you get to the Nixon stuff. Here’s what gets me angry about
    these white folks. They elected Trump thinking he’s some a smart white
    man like Nixon or LBJ. Even those white men got screwed up by the
    events of their time but they had some competence. These fools really
    think Trump and the GOP congress can handle the shit that’s going on
    right now. That Vietnam documentary just reminded me that Trump has
    both Syria and North Korea as places he can use to start some shit to
    keep heat off of himself.

    Appreciate all the conversations yall.



  2. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and Jay Winans

    You better call Bebe, Cece, Marvin, Vicki and all those other Winans for a loan.

    I’m glad y’all discussed walking around the neighborhood. I started doing that and then upgraded.
    I found that walking around the mall like the old folks is great. Its climate controlled, no loose dogs, the snacks are great and I can people watch with ease. A lot of “hot routes”. Also with my headphones on nobody bothers me. They assume Im shopping like the rest of them.

    Aight I’ll keep it short #TomCruise and not leave you assed out #TomCruise reading a long email. Y’all be easy.

    P. Andre Joseph.

  3. sugahbabe

    As you were both covering the Kevin Hart shit, and Rod was saying he laughed at questionable shit. I immediately thought of a particular video that I know I ain’t shit for laughing at. I almost fell over when I realized it was the blind kid playing football video. The remix is one of my fave videos to laugh at. If there’s a hell, I’m already on my way there. And I had no doubt that ain’t shit Justin would’ve found it funny. Never change Justin. Never change.

  4. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod,

    so I may have some information on the black love show. Now don’t quote me on this but I do believe the show has interview a Lesbian Couple. A woman on my girlfriends tennis team was recently interviewed for a show with her partner not too long ago and I think it was for that show. Ill ask her tomorrow to confirm this

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