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BDS 224: Coonin’ Coonin’ Coonin’ With Kid N’ Play

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, KD’s ghost account, Mayweather supports Trump, Christopher Play Reid apologizes, Brady say Kaep deserves a shot, Mason Plumlee gets paid, NBA shaking up refs, Bengals fire offensive coordinator, Big3 suit, Haslem has a bunker, Morris twins assault trial, Kyrie on trade, RG3, Chris Long, Lawrence Timmons, Dwight Howard, Melo wants to go to Houston, NBA teams declaring losses, DeMaurice Smith re-elected, NFL ref domestic violence, Serena’s shady letter and Boston teams against racism.



  1. rodimusprime

    Howdy Rod and J Petino,

    I hope all is well.

    So for the record: Knock up a coworkers wife, she threatens to extort you, you give her $3000 for an abortion and she gets pinched for extortion? Ricky 3 Stacks stays employed. Feign ignorance about one of your graduate assistants having stripper parties for recruits in dorms? Long live Ricky 3 Stacks. Have your apparel company and assistant coaches funnel money to players? FBI is arresting folks and Petino is fired. Is any organization as dedicated to being ain’t shit as the NCAA is to making sure the players don’t get paid?

    LeBron James’ philanthropy is truly endless. Did y’all hear about the employment program he created in Cleveland for guards who have horrible leg injuries? Isaish Thomas’s hip is liable to fall off his leg. We’ve seen what D Rose’s knees are and are not about. And now the Cavs have signed Wade, who really has made the most out of showing up against Toronto in the playoffs 2 whole years ago. What do y’all make of D Wade coming to Cleveland? Does this help the team in anyway?

    Speaking of folks going from civilization to desolate wastelands, shouts out to Melo for going somewhere with cheap buildings.

    For all the bullshit with the NFL, shouts out to Jerry Jones’ “what you won’t do is tell me what I can do with my coloreds” face. They really MLK’d taking a knee in the span of a weekend. Amazing to watch how fast whiteness can work. The owners can collectively go fuck themselves.

    I hope y’all have a great day and weekend! Peace!

    Dr. Doughstax

  2. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and Justin!

    Greetings from Belgium! I actually listened to BDS 224 on my flight here and unfortunately I’ll be on my flight back for today’s podcast.

    I just wanted to show Justin a little love for believing in my Falcons. That was an ugly ending but we got the W. What’s crazy is, the last time we played the Lions the game ended on a 10 second run off. And we lost.

    Have a great show guys! I can’t wait to listen when I get back stateside.


  3. DeonBmore

    What up Rod & J-America

    Why does Ray Lewis have to be such a god damned coon?! Nigga makes it hard to be a Ravens fan, even though I was ready for that nigga to go the last 3 to 4 years of his career because I got so tired of his act. Since he retired he’s been even worse, soft shoeing at every turn whether it’s the Freddy Gray saga or these protests.

    I’m loving the fact that all of those racists that was trying to appeal to are coming for his neck, his false hairline and his statue since he knelt/prayed at the last game. Can’t have it both ways my niggas. He of all people has no room to talk between them murder charges, his son being a rapist, him slapping that woman at the Windsor Inn, the subpar barbecue and macaroni and cheese at his now closed restaurant and all the incidents that local Baltimoreans know about. Fuck that coon nigga.

    Peace out ya’ll, stay safe.

  4. cocoqt81

    Hey, Rod and J Lewis! Hope you guys had a good week. I just wanted to say I’m tired of everyone in sports, except LeBron. The beauty of him calling the president a Bum and dragging Steph little ass in it too…. delicious. The petty in LeBron is so good! I have s lot of thoughts, but I’m sure y’all will get to them without me bringing them up. Lol Have a good weekend!

  5. Amani

    Hey Rod and Justin,

    No slander this week, we only banging on that bum ass nigga 45. Lebron lighting the streets up for Rod’s birthday and he doesn’t care if Republicans buys shoes too. Your fave could never!

    None of that weak ass unity shit missing the point in the NBA, we’re getting real ass comments on racism, injustice and police brutality. Even from coaches Pop out here using his white privilege to say some real shit when he knows he won’t get criticized for it. Can’t wait to hear how Justin’s agenda talks his way out of that.

    And hold up now J Trill, don’t put that Detroit stuff on Jemele Hill, she’s a 49ers fan! Just like a lightskin nigga to lie on Black women! Look, we got rid of Kap so I gotta hold on to what I’ve got!

  6. Anzidavis

    thanks so much in keeping me informed on the serious stories of sports….f**ked althetics

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