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TTM 14: Insecure 4

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In a very special episode of “This Too Much” Rod and Bassey discuss critically acclaimed HBO comedy “Insecure.”

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  1. Deason91

    My impression of Molly and Dro at the end of the episode was that this was her first time seeing him since his text. Those clothes in her room were Quinton’s, and it seems like she feels that she can now handle a relationship with Dro because she also as an “other”. The way she’s smiling when she opens the door for Dro seems like she feels more in control and not as torn by his openness in his marriage and her lack thereof.

  2. Noir Dynamite (@BlackDynamiteJC)

    About vice principals and principals: In many public schools in America, vice principals handle a lot of the day to day things at the school particular to students. Whereas a principal looks over the departments at the school and their teachers. It’s not uncommon for a principal to not be involved in after-school programs that are provided by outside organizations. So it’s very believable that the vice principal in Insecure made those decisions without telling the principal because he actually has the “power” to.

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