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1527: It’s Donald Trump’s Fault

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Rod and Karen discuss Gina Torres, Jordan Peele developing Nazi hunting TV show, American Red Cross fail, Toys ‘R’ Us bankruptcy, Equifax fail, honesty is healthier, Mystikal turns himself in, Mexico earthquake, penis stuck in weights, some TBGWT news, Rihanna blocks racist fan, teacher on leave for racism, White Nonsense Roundup, KKK man, the rally to end racism, Lipscomb University racism, White People News and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    You have the best fans. That wiki entry was the best. And the person who put the definition of Impossible White Man in the urban dictionary is the MVP because I was trying to explain what Impossible White Man movies were to my husband. He’s one of your white listeners and listens whenever I have it on. He still didn’t get the concept until I showed him that definition on my phone. After that it clicked with him. So when we went to see the Kingsman 2 movie, he learned over to me and whispered, “This is some impossible white man shit”

  2. gattsu25

    I’m pretty sure that 4 letter curse word that started with ‘P’ was the UK racial slur “paki”.

    It’s usually used against middle eastern or southeast asian looking people and spat with the same venom you’d expect a white person to use with the n word.

  3. Amani

    For clarity on that Toys R Us article, this is one of those stories that has been poorly explained. Toys R Us’s overall sales are still pretty good, and they’ve been relying on online sales too. New owners came on in 2005, and they took on about five billion in debt because rich white people don’t like actually paying for things. So they’ve had to pay back about $400 million a year just on loan payments on top of actual business costs. It’s not a we’re out of money bankruptcy, just moving around some debt and getting a little strange for some change.

    But, y’all were right all along because those new owners were Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital, and Vornado Realty who’s partnered with Jared Kushner. Rod be knowing! It’s Trump’s fault!

    P.S. Listened to This Too Much and I realized we need Mr. Gaines to crossover on Vice Principals. Or we can get a spin-off with him and Belinda Bae Brown. That cism too good

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