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SMR 145: Kingsman The Golden Circle

Rod and Karen discuss Kingsman The Golden Circle, trailers and your feedback.



    Kingsman 2 could’ve been better, in my opinion, but, even those over-the-top action scenes like in the first movie, didn’t impress me, this time. It’s still a decent film, but that’s all it was to me. Julianne Moore’s character should’ve gotten more to do as a villain. The concept was there, but, alas, she’s just….there. Even worse, she’s overshadowed by two male villains, who, essentially replaced her, in my view. That had me missing Sam Jackson’s role from the first movie.

    As for the sexual innuendo? Yeah, pretty wack. Putting a tracker in a woman’s pussy as a mission objective, for example? I’m just not cool with that. Also, even Channing Tatum, Jeff Bridges & Halle Berry are shortchanged, especially, Tatum, who did a great job with what he was given here. Hopefully, the third film gives him more to do.

    Colin Firth did his thing. Now, as for Taron Egerton’s Eggsy? We didn’tneed the plot with Princess Tilde, cuz it drags the film. It also took away what could’ve been built up with Sophie Cookson’s Roxy. Nothing against Hanna Alstrom, but she was forgettable playing Eggsy’s girlfriend.

    Pedro Pascal as Whiskey was simply awesome with his whipping & dialogue. I hated that he became a villain near the end, cuz I wanted to see more of his character in the next film. And, of course, I’m here for Elton John flying kicking some motherfuckers. That was pretty funny. Otherwise, I was underwhelmed despite some of those cool moments.

  2. ClassicRandBLover

    Hi Rod and Karen,

    I really enjoyed your review of The Kingsman. I loved this film almost as much as the first one. I think the negative on this one was two-fold. First, as a long-time (going back to her lap days on As the World Turns) of Julianne Moore, I can say she lacked one thing in the role of Poppy. Naturally, Samuel L. Jackson is a hard act to follow, but something about her portrayal didn’t quite work. I also agree that I would have loved to see Halle Barry get in on the action, especially since they killed off the female agent (Roxie?) in the early part of the film.

    On the plus side, you had so many of the tghings that made the initial Kingsman movie so good. In addition you had Pedro Pascal as Whiskey. I have loved him since he played Oberyn on Game of Thrones, his death at the hands of The Mountain still saddens me.

    Regarding you comments about Murder on the Orient Express, as someone who has read the book more than once, and who has seen the original big screen adaption of the film about five times, I’m on the fence with the need for this remake. I do however like KIenneth Brannaugh and getting the chance to see Johnny Depp play the character everyone hates and who winds up at the heart of the mystery has me intrigued if not actually interested. I’m hyped to see Thor — already purchased my ticket.

  3. applecakesyum

    I LOVE STARDUST!! Are we best friends now?
    I’ve seen that movie no less than 100 times. I used to watch it every week when it was on Netflix. It’s on Amazon Prime now and I watch it at work when things get slow. Great movie!

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