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1529: It’s Not About Unity

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Rod and Karen discuss people taking a knee in the NFL, a weird teaching assignment, Kylie is pregnant, Puerto Rico damaged by hurricane, TI and Tiny back together, Albert Haynesworth, Michigan racism protest, SC teacher suspended, a viral BLM video, teen shoots mom over puppy, mom leaves kids to get a tattoo, pee bandit and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Sounds-like-Ranada

    Roderick, sir, you took me OUT with that redneck hotep character. That AND y’all reviewing IT? I’m going premium TONIGHT, son!

  2. fyahworks

    Hey Rod and Karen

    1) that poll is hilarious lol

    2) the story with Kodak black, the song is called drowning, it’s actually by a boogie who is from the Bronx and the remix is featuring Kodak black. The part you played was a boogie! I know most of these niggaz sound the same! Kodak verse was the issue her and what he said, caused the stir!

  3. Mack

    You mentioned that the Browns didn’t care or back down when the FOP said that the police would boycott. I thought that they ran out and made amends with the police, and that’s why they came out at that next game with the team arm-in-arm with the police. (source:
    http://www.cleveland.com/browns/index.ssf/2017/09/browns_players_run_out_of_tunn.html ). They nipped that right in the bud. So no, they don’t feel above the concerns of the police or military.

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