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SMR 146: IT

Rod and comedian Brandon Collins from the Medium Popcorn podcast discuss Stephen King’s latest movie “IT.”


  1. Sunshine81

    HI Rod!

    I was one of the folks harassing you about reviewing It. I could understand why you were not impressed with this movie because you didn’t see the miniseries or read the book (I highly recommend it). In the book, they give more details into the teenager who got killed in the movie (in the book it did happen in the sewer pipe and he chewing into him via his armpit).

    The other big difference in the book is the time period. In the movie, it’s the 80s; in the book it’s like the 60s or 70s. The book is racist (yup Stephen King through some niggers up in there) because Henry Bowers hates Mike just because Mike is black.

    In the miniseries, Tim Curry was Pennywise and his voice is iconic (hence why so many people love the miniseries). Bill Skaarsgard’s Pennywise needed Tim Curry’s voice but due to Tim Curry having a stroke, I don’t think he could handle it (he could barely handle Rocky Horror Picture show).

    The opening scene of Georgie (which was true to the book) was amazing!

    Thanks for reviewing!

  2. Anonymous

    What up Rod. (It’s Ashanti.) Just reviewed this with Kriss and in our review I revealed why this movie was just “meh” to me. While it was an okay film, what took me out almost immdediately was Mike’s character, the black kid in town. I’ve read the book, seen the tv movie, and it fucked with me that Mike’s role was reduced to nothing in this adaptation. In the book it’s Mike who was into the history of the town – not Ben, and it’s Mike who calls everyone back to Derry as adults (he’s the only one who stayed in Derry and became the librarian). Anyway, by rewriting his role they essentially side-lined how racism particularly affected Mike’s family — and why Henry Bowers bullies him. But this is Trumps America now so….

    Anyhow, it’s half fuck this movie and half meh.

  3. Anzidavis

    Thanks for reviewing with Brandon. Hopefully chapter 2 will be more gory since it will be adults getting messed up

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