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PG 115: Eazy Eddie Long

Rod and Justin discuss taking the week off from basketball, Rod’s bday, American Made, Scientology, Michael Rappaport, Rick and Morty, Vice Principals, LHHH, Fear the Walking Dead, reality show news and listener feedback.


  1. rodimusprime

    What up Rod and J Sanchez,

    I’m trying to write this email quick before the show starts. Justin, what the hell is going on at your office? I wasn’t able to hear the full story because the shows switched over.

    Rod, I hate to sound all hippie but I knew when I started watching the Vietnam doc I had to tell you about it and you’d tell others. Now everybody is watching it and seeing how treacherous these politicians are. I know you’ve been talking about it on other episodes but now that you’re done what are your thoughts?

    One last thing. I share your thoughts 100% on this Vegas shit. I know it’s a shitty opinion but we all know the demographic of a country music concert. I’ll add too it and say while the police did great, they support this 2nd amendment shit too. But let me hush.

    Great shows y’all,


  2. rodimusprime

    Ha didn’t realize I never hit you back up until listening to the show, but yes her and her partner were interviewed

  3. Cassie67Impala

    Wassup Rod and Justin! I’M SO HAPPY YA’LL TALK ABOUT RICK & MORTY NOW!!!!!!! It might be my favorite show. LHHH… Sometimes I get that second hand embarrassment for Hazel E. Every time she gets into a fight or an argument she sounds stupid and gets played. Booby checked her at his show, A1 was clowning her and Chanel White Toast, and it looks like Booby calls her out next week. During the commercials they showed a preview for a reality show called Scared Famous it’s gonna have Safaree, NIkki, and Yung Joc… I normally wouldn’t watch a reality tv house show but Safaree and Yung Joc… two of the goofiest niggas on LHH. Thanks for the show guys! Peace!

  4. LaKeta Chism-Williams

    My 2 favorite things about this episode:

    a) “Ay, you know Peanut?”Such a cool black moment.
    b) JUSTIN HAS WATCHED & CAUGHT UP ON RICK & MORTY!!! The excited banter was *everything* BTW Rod, can there BE a best episode? Aren’t they ALL?

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