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BDS 225: Is Kyrie Smart or Stupid?

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Ray Lewis vs. Shannon Sharpe, Melo traded to OKC, the FBI arrests NCAA people, Pitino fired, Direct-TV refunds NFL fans, Popovich on America, Steph, Ayesha is the new face of Covergirl, Albert Haynesworth, Jay-Z turns down Super Bowl halftime but Timberlake steps in, Eric Decker, Von Miller loses an endorsement, Barkley, Browns players copped out, Dallas sportscaster is woke, Ric Flair got madd hoes B, Dwight Howard pettiness, Laraque roast Pens, Jim Kelly mad at McCoy, Kyrie was trolling, Bills worker quits, NASCAR on the flag protests, Cameron Jordan mocks Cam, Brady disagrees with Trump he says, Marquette King, Keyshawn slapped with paternity docs, Aaron Hernandez fiance suing NFL, KD can’t sleep, UNC not going to the white house, racist soccer song, Zach Randolph is free, MJ releases statement, Lance Armstrong got some nerve, Bruce Maxwell, Auburn refunding season tickets, Alex Smith rips Trump, Kyrie and Lebron lying, Michael Bennett offers to sit with Trump, CJ McCollum the young god, NFL ratings down, JR Smith, Kaep left off cover of SI, Panthers have team meeting over social issues, Paul Pierce working as NBA analyst now and Ben Simmons disses Trump.


  1. rodimusprime

    What up Rod and J Sanchez,

    I’m trying to write this email quick before the show starts. Justin, what the hell is going on at your office? I wasn’t able to hear the full story because the shows switched over.

    Rod, I hate to sound all hippie but I knew when I started watching the Vietnam doc I had to tell you about it and you’d tell others. Now everybody is watching it and seeing how treacherous these politicians are. I know you’ve been talking about it on other episodes but now that you’re done what are your thoughts?

    One last thing. I share your thoughts 100% on this Vegas shit. I know it’s a shitty opinion but we all know the demographic of a country music concert. I’ll add too it and say while the police did great, they support this 2nd amendment shit too. But let me hush.

    Great shows y’all,


  2. FalconsDiva

    Greetings Rod and Justin!

    Shannon Sharpe with his Black & Milds on TV was SOOOO BLACK!!! You may have talked about it on the regular show but I’m so behind over there.

    DAMN CAM!!! I think I had just posted ‘Welcome Back’ on Rod’s FB post when he raised a fist and then he does this. I’m so sick of people acting like it’s not a big deal because ‘they’ don’t know any women that talk about routes. This woman is the freaking beat reporter for the team! She busted her ass to get that spot in a male dominated profession and has been in that room since last year. She’s not your average woman. Shoot, I’m tired of men being amazed that I can talk football and I’m an accountant!

    Then someone had the nerve to say “maybe Cam knew about her racist tweets” REALLY?!?!?!?!! Cam did that research? Get out of here! Yeah, she’s trash for those tweets and he’s trash for that comment. Trash does not cancel out trash people!

    For the record, I think Dannon was looking for a reason to drop him because they did that extra quick. His ass could barely pronounce Oikos in those commercials anyway. But he didn’t realize the severity of his sexism until he lost that million so I guess something good came out of it.

    On this boycott – I’ve posting on my FB page about how the ‘woke’ crowd and the ‘flag lovers’ are unified now. They’re boycotting the NFL, they’re both mad at Ray Lewis… The thing is, I’ve been trying to get the woke crowd to see they were going about this all wrong since before the season. When people were coming at me because I was not boycotting, I would ask them for their list of demands and what they hoped to accomplish with the boycott. I also asked how they expected the NFL to be impacted. The response was the NFL would lose money because they were boycotting. I followed up with “but how will the NFL know?” Everybody thought I was cooning and ‘this is why Black people can’t accomplish anything’ Well it looks like the flag lovers got the right prescription. They’re the ones that got Directv to extend the Sunday Ticket cancellation period. They’re the ones calling the sponsors and trying to get Ray Lewis’ statue removed. So when I posted the Anhueser (sp?) Bush 800 number on my FB page – I was giving them a chance to let their voices be heard. Did any of the boycotters that I know call? Nope – one guy asked why they were seeking comment and I told him because the flag lovers were calling. His response was ‘so it’s just about money? I’m not calling’ BITCH THAT’S WHAT MAKES THE COMPANIES PAY ATTENTION!!! MONEY!!! People were even telling me that they canceled Sunday Ticket before the season. But did you call Directv and tell them you were canceling (not renewing) because of Kaepernick? No? Then that shit doesn’t count!!! I’m so over people…

    Anywho – I hope y’all didn’t pick the Falcons to win this past week. If so, oops! We have a history of losing before our bye week.

    Sorry for such a long comment. Have a great show! I hope to join you guys live!

  3. rodimusprime

    Hey, Rod and J Rodrique. I hope y’all are well. So listen… I know this is fucked up, but balls deep is a safe space. If I can’t be ain’t shit nowhere else… I can be it here. Having said all that… I just wanna say I didn’t really say anything about the whole Cam situation publicly because I’m not in a space mentally to be defending white women. I just can’t do it. I just find it funny how they chose whiteness over womanhood, so I ain’t putting on no capes publicly for them. I don’t care how wronged they are. Lmao! Poor Cam done lost big Yogurt behind his foolishness. Bless his lil dumb ass misogynist heart. Please respect my privacy at this time. Later!


  4. Amani

    Hey Rod and Jam Newton,

    Come on man! What the fuck is your boy doing? He finally looked like he might be on his way back coming through with the black fist, but then he had to go and pull that fuck shit? And he leaned into the sexism talking about “females” too. You can’t talk about people thinking you’re not smart enough to be quarterback because you’re Black and do the same exact shit to a reporter because she’s a woman. Fuck him and every nigga caping for him.

    But talking about the Panthers, gotta give props to Julius Peppers. NFC defensive player of the week again and he’s damn near 40! I remember when he was on that UNC team with Haywood, Forte and Curry. Dude is unbelievable.

    And y’all talked about the NCAA bullshit last week with that FBI raid, but did you catch them admit that three football teams were each worth over a billion? So Ohio State football is worth more than the Miami Heat, but they still claim they can’t find a way to pay the players? That’s as bullshit as Kyrie acting like he was making a real point with that flat earth stuff he never actually denied believing.

  5. Rwh2016

    Can we see more of this Taylor Rooks! Oh My God!

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