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TNO 94: Star Trek Is Lit!

Rod, Kriss, Aaron and (later) Karen discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Tarantino on how he’d direct Star Trek, Charlie Bucket was supposed to be black, The Purge prequel starring black actors, Defenders the least viewed Netflix / Marvel series, JJ Abrams, 2017 box office, Fox open to casting new Wolverine, Dark Phoenix, Matthew Vaughn upset about spoilers in trailer, Iris West cut from JL, Twins sequel, Bojack getting season 5, Dan Harmon on trolls, Channing Tatum in Kingsman 2, Spider-Man highest grossing super hero film, Teen Titans GO! animated movie, kid gets free Xbox, Lazarus picked up by Amazon, Shadow of War DLC, Agents of SHIELD almost got canceled, Joker Origins, Liam Neeson unretires, Jared Leto says method acting stories untrue, Avatar sequels could have a billion dollar budget, sex doll breaks, Gotham has low ratings to start season 4, The Mist canceled, Nintendo Creators program won’t let you live stream, Gaming voice actor strike over and racist video game.


  1. brandonisbmore

    Whats up fellas and Karen,

    Niggga how good has The Gifted been so far. That show has exceeded my expectations by a lot. They really going their with the social allegory for marginalized folks. There was even a scene last episode where Strucker’s mother was like “how could I be bigoted towards a group of people, I marched for Apartheid in 84” Nigga I almost fell out my chair it was sooo good!! I keep trying not to get too excited because it is fox and they can fall off at anytime. I remember the first half of the first season of Gotham was pretty good then that shit went in the gutter. But with how good Legion was last year and this start I am very optimistic.

    Speaking of Fox I feel like their movie division is getting a pass when it comes to stupid decisions and talking to much. First they release this New Mutants Trailer which doesent look bad but if you didnt put that marvel graphic I would have no idea this had anything to do with X-men. Then the creative people are talking about why this is going to be so ground breaking and revolutionary when its not. Then right after that they formerly state a release date for that Gambit movie in 2019. Do you guys actually think this is finally going to happen and more importantly who wants it at this point?

    Lastly I dont know if this is technically nerd related but I had know idea how much i missed Curb Your Enthusiasm and all that damn cringe!! I been going back watching old episodes and Larry David is a genius. Is their any terrible person in tv or movies that you actually like then his character in the show??

    Thanks for all yall hard work


  2. rodimusprime

    Good Day Nerd Off Crew.

    Man… fuck this show for making me walk back my boasts about not paying the nine. This show is that damn good. I read that each episode is 8 million dollars and CBS sold the international rights to Netflix for 6 million dollars an episode. With about 2 million subscribers currently they are cashing in from this one show. Hopefully CBS will spend some money to improve Closed Captioning on site.

    Shout out to Aaron. You mentioned My Hero Academia a few months ago and I just finished binging it. It’s fiya.

    Y’all be easy.

    BTW. REBELS IS BACK ON MONDAY!!! It’s looking like folks are going to die!

    P Andre Joseph

  3. Amani

    Nigga that Star Wars!! I didn’t see any thinkpieces of Kathleen Kennedy ruining the franchise this week. Between that and Pacific Rim 2 I’m ready to skip through Oscar season bullshit and get to that heat. And you know this means they’re about ready to drop that official Black Panther trailer and crush the buildings.

    And I thought Tyrese live tweeting stalking The Rock like he was his baby mama was gonna be the best part of this feud, but who knew my man was this petty? He shouting out Tank on twitter, subtweeting on IG, they even got him dropping old videos dogging my man out. He earned that Duane Johnson credit, petty King.

    P.S. Hope y’all liked Logan because we’re about to get Old Man Rocky with Stallone directing Creed 2.

  4. Rwh2016

    Hey Guys,

    Yo-Yo Rodriguez has been made a series regular for Marvel’s Agents of Shield. I personally think Yo-Yo’s sass and the Ghost Rider scenes were the best part of season 4. It’s starting to get real diverse on that show. All they need now is a black woman, and a transgender agent to make it real diverse. Rod & Karen: will you have a part 2 of the OSR Agents of Sheild Season 4?



  5. rodimusprime

    What up my yellow shirts!

    Cmon let’s talk about it, that Star Wars trailer was fire. Kids might not need to see this one. Kylo out here still angry and breaking limbs off his family tree. But I’ve got my eyes on Rey. She might be Darth Becky for real yall, Luke’s Jedi Academy just became a one and done institution. What’d yall think about the trailer?

    Dice was smart and released the battelfront beta a couple days before the trailer. It was supposed to end Monday but of course they extended it to build up the hype after the trailer release. Battlefront 2 is good as hell. They improved on everything and the game is simply more fun. Dice did the shooter aspect and Criterion did the starfighter game mode. EA even said the DLC will be free. Remember I’m the dumbass who bought the $60 season pass for BF1 2 years ago when they only had 4 maps. Let me ask this, do we trust EA? Sure enough the DLC will be free but they introduced a pay-to-win aspect with the star cards. If you have better star cards you have stronger weapons and abilities. You now get star cards through this loot crate system. The crates can be opened by playing a ton of matches….or buying points. The nerds are mad, and the youtubers are coming out hard against the game mechanic. I think I can survive without needing to purchase anything but I think Dice will take a big hit for this.

    Sorry for the long email but I had one last topic and wanted to hear yall’s opinions. We’re all nerds and love technology, but I’m very pissed off with Google, Facebook, and Twitter’s handling of data in 2016. People have to remember, technology always has a person behind it. If that person loves money over ethics you’re bound to have some shady tech products. If that person is racist and sexist, that tech product will only be good for one community. Pretty much Mark Zuckerberg liked that Russian Media money too much to implement legitimate measures against the spread of false information. We all saw how these companies, who have the means, choose to go after Black activists but not White supremecists. That’s a decision a person made, not some android robot. Can you imagine if facebook was created and owned by a Black woman? I know in order for these false stories to spread you need racism, which America has plenty of so it’s not all on Russia. But I think this is just another industry where white folks have proved to be trash also.

    Peace Nerds!


  6. rodimusprime

    Hello Rod, Aaron, Chris, and Hopefully Karen,

    Last week when Chris said his piece about presequels I screamed “Thank You!”. How your past shit going to be looking better then the “new stuff”. Cause Discovery has all the other shows AND the Abram movies looking like broke bitches. Enterprise had moments like that too, where you be like “Why could they do that shit then but not in the future?”

    Rod I know you got too much shit to watch, but i think you would like DS9. It has black fatherhood and nigga moments ….IN SPACE!!!!! But please pardon Sisko’s hair in the first few seasons, evidently they can create food out of thin air but can’t edge up a dude’s hair for shit.

    The JL trailer left me kinda of flat, all that red and black had me wanting to turn up the gamma and contrast on my eyes. Aquabro was cool but I am going to need for them to stop giving Barry Wally’s personalty. Y’all wanted boring Barry, so read that lightening.

    And pray for Ray Fisher, in all the mess it is easy to lose sight of the dude who suffered the most at DC’s bumbling

    Anyway take care guys


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