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1539: Black Identity Extremist

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Rod and Karen discuss Latino man shot by CMPD, university passes policy against protests, Fearless Girl firm paying women less, Tim Murphy scandal, Nelly arrested for rape, Young Thug threatens his ex on Twitter, Iggy owes, Breitbart Milo alt-right scandal, Milo marries a black man, racist dude stops being racist, Black Identity Extremists, white supremacists march on Charlottesville again, Dove racist add, white people news and sword ratchetness.

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  1. reallydarkknight

    Hey y’all,

    I gots to know…we need Ebony, Essence, Black Sports Online, The Root or one of these other Black sites to get a one-on-one interview with Milo’s husband. I just gots to know what is in this brotha’s mind. I mean, I really am fascinated why any Black person marries someone who say AND does racist shit. It can’t be just me right?

  2. D Ramsey PhDone

    Milo married a Colored! I Cannot!

  3. Mrs. Jackson

    The white guy who saw the “black light” was 100 for me only because…of all the people they could have sent to him, they chose a BLACK WOMAN!!! I would feel fucked with if i was her. She is my hero, converting racists for our safety haha!

  4. Mack

    Seems like this thing with Miko means that he’ll be using the husband of proof that he’s not bigoted. You can already see that narrative forming.

    And that cover…..flag on the play! The late great Nate Dogg shouldn’t be done like that. For shame.

    • Mack

      Oh, and speaking of covers, I heard a country music cover of Thriller the other day….they’re gonna make MJ come up out the grave and reclaim his stuff.

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