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SMR 148: Blade Runner 2049

Rod and Karen review Blade Runner 2049 the 3 hour opus of science fiction style. We also discuss trailers and your feedback.



    There’s a great movie here, but I felt during moments of Blade Runner 2049, that it was trying to be more than it was. Now, I did enjoy it & thought it was a better movie than the overrated original. That being said, this movie is unnecessarily long. Certain scenes were too drawn out & some things didn’t get resolved. It felt too big for no reason, at times. I did Ryan Gosling’s K, but, I do understand how annoying that guy can get. The film didn’t reach its high till near the end with Harrison Ford’s Deckard returning. Deckard’s still a dick, but it was needed. The film’s beautiful & well-shot, so props to the direction & cinematography. Other than that, I won’t be watching this for awhile.

  2. ClassicRandBLover

    Hi Rod and Karen,

    Thanks for your review of this long, pointless and boring movie. The only things that saved it for me were the bookend performances of Robin Wright and Harrison Ford. Ryan Gosling turned in his usual replicant-like performance, meaning he was deadly-dull and lacked charisma throughout. If there is any justice in the world, this film should effectively end the careers of Gosling and the equally horrid Leto (I’m convinced that much like Suicide Squad, much of his performance ended up on the cutting room floor), but they’re white so they will keep being cast.

    I actually fell asleep three different times (and this was in the middle of the day) and missed nothing in terms of plot development. I mean the scenes I woke up on literally picked up where the scene I fell asleep after left off on. Translation, this crap was long for no reason. I even looked around the theater a couple of times and observed that the people around me were either sleeping or getting up, leaving the theater and coming back, presumably in an effort to stay awake. This is telling because it showed they knew they weren’t going to miss anything if they left. I have seen numerous movies that are two and a half to three hours long and when the movie ended, I walked out like “I can’t vbelieve the movie was that long, it didn’t seem like it.” I felt every minute of this film.

    Also, I think they had the movie blasting because they knew people would need to be woken up at certain “key point” in the film. What a waist of my money and my time.

    I think Harrison Ford’s character is supposed to be a replicant as well. Leto’s character even said as much when he asked Ford if he ever considered that he was programmed to fall in love with Rachel instantly so the child could be born.

  3. brooklynshoebabe

    As a kid & teen, I loved the original BR but I was watching it for free on TV with commercials. I did rewatch it on DVD and it was boring and long but cool to watch. As a kid, my brother and I were really into the philosophical questions brought up by sci-fi movies like the rules of time travel in Terminator.

    I agreed with all the complaints you had about BR2049. The music was loud AF and I saw it in IMAX so it was extra loud. I normally don’t need ear plugs like my movie partner/boyfriend. Ryan Gosling is very whispery, but I thought it worked since he’s supposed to be a robot.

    I left the theater feeling neutral/disappointed because they really had me invested in him being Deckard’s son. After I slept on it, I decided that I liked this movie. It really captured my attention and really pulled me into it’s world.It gave me the feelings I had as a kid when I got submersed into a really good sci-fi movie–immersion, escapism, and thoughts for a good discussion/argument.

    I did think it was too long. I liked Sicarrio and Arrival, so I was expecting better. BF2049 was as moody and left me with lots of moral ambiguity as his previous movies. I give it 2.5✨/5.

    You should read the book because it is much better than the movies and less about hunting replicants and more about the morality of replicants.

    I am amped up for the sequel to Pacific Rim and I am intrigued by Annihilation because I am every brown person Oscar Issac is in it.

    • brooklynshoebabe

      Oh, I was terribly thrown off by the female objectification–the naked neon woman doing the long as monologue it the naked female statues kissing in Vegas. It was so UNNECESSARY. — Brooklynshoebabe

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