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TTM 17: Deja Vu

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Rod and Bassey discuss NBC’s family drama, “This Is Us.”

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  1. rodimusprime

    Hey Bassey and Rod,

    I love this show so much. A few thoughts:

    Deja did some real angsty teen shit when she big chopped. I don’t know why, but it tickled me. It kinda felt like she was getting comfortable enough to be like “who Gon check me, boo?” I think Deja is going to make Randall address that rejection he got from his Plessy v. Ferguson granny.

    Speaking of, Rebecca came through with the read for Gone With the Wind Granny. Jack and Kate trying to explain racism to Randall was sooo painful. I almost forget that every black person get that first dose of racism moment. I can’t even imagine trying to explain covert racism and microaggressions to a kid and not even have the words we have now for it.

    I want to throw Kate a shower! You know that baby Jack/Jacklyn is going to be so cute and Kate will have to reckon with her dealings with Rebecca.

    Kevin hustling backwards and now he gon be another statistic. He’s the walking “I learned it from you, Dad!” commercial.

    AND Toby taking care of the twins by himself. GIVE. HIM. HIS. PROPS. They were both rather annoying this week- yes, for reasons, but they also bad at communicating those reasons. I want to get his whole reaction to being a Dad.

    That’s all I got. Can’t wait to hear y’alls thoughts.


  2. rodimusprime

    Hi Rod and Bassey,

    After this week’s episode and getting a refresher on Rebecca’s mom, I’m thinking the way she tormented the entire family, may have something to do with the way Kate reacts to Rebecca. She grew up watching her grandma be a major bitch to her mom and constantly nitpicking at her. She has to have internalized it. Maybe she thinks that’s how mother/daughter relationships work. Just a thought. Also, fuck Sophie.

    Love the show so much.

    Appreciate y’all,

  3. rodimusprime

    Hi Rod and Bassey,

    I kind of suspected Rebecca’s mother was racist from hints of last season the way she was always making Randall feel excluded. And then when she gave him that basketball, that basically sealed it for me. Fuck that bitch. And good for Rebecca for calling it out. My heart broke a little for Randall that he had to find out his grandmother was a racist piece of shit. Was it me or did you notice the classic white woman move where someone calls them out for some shit they did wrong and then they try to play the victim? I was like, girl if you don’t take your racist ass on. You know the Pearsons were sick of her shit when they were outside plowing her car out of the snow when they all had the chicken pox. Good for Randall for getting the last word in.

    Seeing how awful Rebecca’s mom is makes me think Kate’s competition with her mother is all in her head. Kate better be glad she didn’t have a black mama growing up because her feelings would have been hurt all the time, and from what I hear from my African friends, it would have been way worse. I am really excited that she and Toby are pregnant. But what if it’s horse dick’s baby? haha, just kidding. I wonder how the baby will play in with the weight loss story. That should be interesting to see.

    I really want to empathize with Deja but she’s making it hard. Very hard. I get that she felt that her confidence was betrayed when Beth told Randall about her hair but they’re husband and wife and they don’t keep secrets from each other. I guess since Deja hasn’t had a functional family unit she doesn’t understand that but I wish she would at least try to meet them halfway. When she cut her hair, I just wanted to shake her because she upset Beth. I hope Randall and Beth’s love can heal her. I loved that Randall was ready to throw hands. He probably would have gotten his ass kicked but I’ll still give him an A for effort.

    Weekly reminder that I hate Sophie.


  4. everly77

    Hey guys. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I went back and started watching season 1 and William tells Randall at their first meeting that his mother died in childbirth. It would have been really great to see them explore that side too.

  5. rodimusprime

    Bassey, Rod,

    Do either of you find it shady that Kevin and Kate call themselves twins when there was a third one born and Randall exists with the same birthday? Do they do that in front of Randall?

    Newest Miguel Killed Jack Theory: Miguel set the fire and when everyone got out, Kate was missing. Nobody was sure if she’d come home from her special pre-college course she was taking after school. But Miguel told Jack that Kate came home AND was still in the house. Jack went in to find his girl and died. That’s why Kate says it’s her fault that her father died cus he went back in the house to get her. As a result, Kate dedicated her entire life to Kevin because she believed that Jack’s death started Kevin’s downward spiral. She made herself remain at his side to keep him off of the alcohol and drugs.

    Kevin specifically hates Miguel because he heard Miguel tell Jack that Kate was still in the house.

    Ms. Smart

  6. everly77

    Hey guys. Thank you for explaining where the intro to you show came from. I had no idea. I found the Catfish episode on Hulu and watched. I thought I was going to laugh but it was actually really sad. Shame on Flamel, or whatever his name was. But back to what I really came to write about… This is Us. OMG. This episode really got me. Not that they all haven’t in their own way been emotionally draining. Seeing Kevin’s struggle with the death of his father reminded me of how sometime I have my own struggles with dealing my own father’s death. I was on 16 years old when he died (I’m 40 now), so I empathize with his character. Thank you for your amazing recaps of this show.

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