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PG 117: The Dollar Movie Theater

Rod and Justin discuss basketball, friending people on Facebook, Chris Tucker on Def Jam, Def Jam vs Def Slam, black comedy, the dollar movie theater, getting behind on TV shows, eating while your wife is asleep, Justin’s boycott grows, LHHH, Vice Principals, and listener feedback.


  1. rodimusprime

    What up and J “He knew what he signed up for” Trill,

    I just wanted to stop and and talk about the smartest man on Vice Principals, Dayshaun. Did yall catch him dancing with Miss Swift? I think she’s covering up some curves with those dresses. I see you playa. But yo, I guess I missed it but Lee’s wife is a doctor? Damn! No wonder that house is so big, I just assumed Lee had debt for days. But that party with Mrs. Lee, man that was uncomfortable. Lee said that nigga was involved in a gang bang! And that rumor messed up his college career! Come on man! Lee might be worse than Rick Sanchez because he can’t even jump to a new galaxy when he fucks shit up. I’m not even worried about who shot Gamby I’m more worried about Lee not getting killed in his sleep.

    Justin, any more white folks at the office getting froggy after Trump’s disrespect of the military this week?

    Peace yall,


  2. rodimusprime

    What up Rod and Justin?

    I don’t recall ever writing in specifically for The Pre Game, but since you two cover “Vice Principals” — now is as good of a time as any. I’ve been a fan of Danny McBride since “Eastbound and Down.” With “Vice Principals” my appreciation only grows. This last episode of Vice Principals might have made me realize that Lee Russell might be the most diabolical character on TV (Non-Animated Division). The overall crown still goes to Rick from Rick and Morty. When it was revealed that Lee was the mastermind behind his wife and her college ex breaking up? I paused the show and yelled out “GAAAAAADAMN” at 1-something Monday morning,That was power level 9000 hating right there. I don’t know how this series will wrap up, but Lee’s comeuppance is going to be crazy. Walton Goggins might be the best at portraying characters who have no redeeming qualities. I had a sneaking suspicion once he dropped that grenade on “The Shield” and then I was pretty sure when he was in “Django Unchained” — but this seals it for me.

    Anyway — appreciate the show fellas.


  3. rodimusprime

    Hello Rod and Justin,

    How do you guys feel about second season of Vice Principals? So far I am not feeling it, it is like without Belinda Brown there, they are just filling time. I thought they would spend more time with the investigation but they ain’t even doing that. I do appreciate them giving Russell’s wife a little bit of a focus, cause I always wondered how she ended up with him.

    Who do you think shot Gamby? Personally my money is on the kid he kept fucking with last season. I thought the crazy chick was too obvious, but I don’t know after last episode. My way out there crazy pick is Gamby’s ex’s boyfriend. His character always had a weird vibe

    Take Care

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