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SMR 149: The Foreigner

Rod and Karen review Jackie Chan’s Impossible Old White Man movie “The Foreigner.” We also answered your comments.


  1. Turq

    Hi guys-

    I saw this film because you guys gave it a good review. It was really good! I laughed so hard every time JC wrote or said “names.” Also, loved the film’s diversity. Nice to see non-brown terrorists and competent minorities that were doing their jobs properly {shouts out to that fine ass police chief}. It felt like they just casted who was right instead of trying to fit brown people in where they could. It was hilarious that none of the dogs were killed because white people will tolerate people being killed, but PETA would have been on JC’s ass if he would have hurt one of those dogs.

    They may as well put Death Wish back in the vault because, from the trailers alone, Bruce Willis’ character does not seem likable. I was rooting for JC’s character all the way through The Foreigner.



  2. Selester63

    Rod & Karen,
    I definitely agreed with all of your comments and I really enjoyed this movie. The fact that the plot was more complicated then just a basic revenge movie was interesting. And the twists were great. I’m a big fan of “Old Man Action” movies anyway so when this comes on cable/TV it’ll be a channel-stopper for me.


    I only know of this film, was from what y’all were talking about on an episode of TBGWT. Haven’t seen a trailer, a press release or interviews. I didn’t intended to see it that way, it just happened. That aside, I loved this movie. I loved Jackie Chan in this role. I enjoyed him beating up white folks, but his acting was just as good. At one point, I wanted to call him “Names”, because he wanted to get justice against the IRA. He was so persistent. Pierce Brosnan was great too, as an Ex-IRA member-turned politician. Like y’all, I didn’t expect this film to be as deep & compelling as it was. The plot’s good, the writing’s good, the whole film’s good. Just talking about it on here, makes want to see it again, I enjoyed it that much.

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