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TNO 95: Bat-Hombres

Rod, Kriss, Aaron and Karen discuss listener feedback, entertainment, DC dialing back a bit, Zack Snyder getting JL director credit, Momoa apologizes for rape joke from 2011, Andrea from Walking Dead, Walking Dead could continue without Rick, Inhumans could cross over with Agents, PS president steps down, Optimus will return in Bumblebee film, Jill Scott will be in Black Lightning, Szechuan Sauce debacle, Sense 8 getting a final film, Batman: The Animated Series coming to Blu-ray, Storm comic book, Marvel splits with defense contracter, Raising Dion finds a home, Marvel Legacy sells out, Phil Spencer, New Mutants, Green Ranger actor and 15 racist super hero moments.

15 Disgusting Times Superheroes Were Horribly Racist


  1. rodimusprime

    Hey guys,

    I was wondering about your thoughts on the new super shows? Despite Attlian looking like a upscale parking garage I am liking Inhumans. The guy that plays Black Bolt is putting a 110% into the role, and the chemistry between all characters are saving the show. And Mordis is the MVP.

    And the Gifted, this is the X-men we should have had 20 damn years ago. Goddamn Thunderbird is the best X-men live action leader we ever had. That is so crazy. The parents clinging to their human privilege annoys and amuses me, like they want folks to bend over backwards for them but don’t want to get their hands dirty.

    And the show has one of the most natural power usage i seen in a genre show. You get the sense they live with them day to day. And Colby Bell as Colby Bell is always fun.

    One last thing, have y’all played Shadow of War yet? Those orcs be killing me, they have way too much personalty for boring ass Lord of the Rings(yeah I said it). The books could put a methhead to sleep

    Take care


  2. rodimusprime

    Hows it going everyone?

    I’m glad that Knights of the old republic was part of the first lot of original xbox games to get the backward compatibility, I really enjoyed that game & the way they make is so easy to play them again is great. Its why I got the mini super Nintendo, straight hdmi cable now, no trying to tune it into the tv to play some Mario Kart.

    Are there any xbox games you guys are hoping they bring back?

    Also, the shows are back & Agents is just over a month away. I hope Inhumans can finish strong & ive really been enjoying The Gifted & although ive never watched any of the other star trek shows, I’m liking this Discovery series so far (thanks Netflix & your international rights deals)

    & since I don’t live that spoiler life, I wont talk any details bout Ragnarok. I enjoy the first 2 thor films & I will be seeing this one again at least once this weekend.

    Have a good 1 one


  3. rodimusprime

    Hello everyone,
    I’m truly a novice when it comes to purchasing my comics. After listening for a while I took the plunge and got back into buying comic digitally via Amazon. I’ve bought the bundles for Moon Girl, Black Panther and Sam Wilson’s Captain America. When I want to add to it I get confused because I realized I’m making double purchases when I try to get another bundle.. That’s cool since that’s just another drop in the bucket to help with sales. What’s the preferred way to buy comic digitally to avoid double purchases?

    Knowledge is an aphrodisiac and your intoxicating fragrance has captured me.

  4. Rwh2016

    Back to Star Trek Discovery. Has Captain Lorca been compromised? Lorca is by far the most fascinating character on the show. I’m still trying to figure this guy out. Also, who knew there was a “Alt-Right” Vulcan faction in the Star Trek Universe?

    What are your thoughts on the Joanna Wellich’s death from the last Mr. Robot? I didn’t see that coming.



  5. Amani

    Mother. Fucking. WAKANDA!!

    Nigga, they fucked around and let Ryan Coogler put Gil-Scott Heron and The Last Poets in front a Disney movie. Oh my god I still can’t believe they fucking did it. Remember when people thought that fucking shipping yard in Age of Ultron was going to be Wakanda? I was ready to give them oscars for cinematography off the trailer! We got the Coates suit just transforming on his face! Klaw with the cannon! That Black Panther dap the new official nigga greeting. We outchea!!

    They about to make so much money, folks already getting in formation and setting up screenings. My homegirl texted me when it dropped and I had to leave a meeting to work to watch that shit, I can’t wait to be in the theaters and just be surrounded with that much Blackness. And I can’t wait for Black women to get their mother fucking life to this shit too. No flex zone!

    And that cism last episode was just muah! But it still missed some of my favorite moments like the time Superman went back into time just to screw native people out of their land and literally force them to sell it to the white man. And there’s the part of Shazam we all agreed not to talk about where he owned a slave named Steamboat. Kriss’s Black Adam agenda has never been stronger.

  6. Rwh2016

    Hey Guys and Dame Karen,

    Am I the only one who loves the Star Trek Discovery Main Title Theme? That’s one of the main parts of the show that I look forward to each week. Just like the show, the title theme is Lit! Maybe it’s me, but after hearing that title theme I’m charged!

    As always love the show!


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