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1545: Happy N#ggadays!

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Rod and Karen discuss the new Black Panther trailer, sheriff wants to keep “good inmates”, cops want gun cameras, handcuffing kids above the arm is illegal, vaginoplasty for yoga pants, mom and daughters celebrate #BlackGirlMagic, Jason Nichols gets harassed, American Airlines kicks activist off flight, black face Halloween costume, man leads police on chase b/c it’s on his bucket list, juror hugs man after he’s found not guilty, British couple take a picture of a sex act after wedding and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    That racist woman on the voice mail was big mad. I honestly think some people believed that by election Trumplestiltskin that black people would magically go away. I noticed that the woman had a New York accent. This is exactly why I roll my eyes when people in the North point out the South’s racism. People are just as racist in the North, they’re just not as open about it. You know she wouldn’t say that in someone’s face unless she was ready to catch a two piece. Sure racists have been emboldened lately, but racists have also been getting knocked the fuck out. But even that woman couldn’t steal my joy when the Black Panther Trailer was released.

    When I saw the Black Panther Trailer, I got my mother fucking life. I have since watched it at least 50 time. I’ve even watched people’s reactions to the trailer, just the black people’s reactions because it gave me so much joy to see other black people’s joy. I am not kidding when I say that when my girl Danai, screamed “Wakanda Forever” in the trailer, I had tears in my eyes. This movie was a long time coming and I hope Trump doesn’t get us all killed before this movie comes out because the day Black Panther releases is going to be the real Nigga Day. I plan on going day one and showing the fuck out in all of my Black Panther regalia. I’m only going to be greeting other black people with the special handshake that T’Challa and Shuri did in the trailer. I will be sneaking in a three piece Popeyes meal with grape soda. I will enter the theater with my first raised. “WAKANDA FOREVER!!”

  2. Anonymous

    I have a smart watch and I get alerts every time a new podcast episode is downloaded on my phone. When I saw Happy Niggaday scroll across my screen, I burst out laughing at work like a gotdamn fool. Then I listened to bitch’s racist-ass, ignorant rant and I wanted to throw my phone at someone. It used up all the feel-good feelings I collected after watching the new Black Panther trailer. I hadn’t known about it until Queen Karen mentioned it. OMFG. February can’t get here fast enough. I want to live in a world where Angela Bassett is the Queen. I love Chadwich Boseman’s Black Panther Swagger. ALL THE BLACKNESS, ALL THE BLACKNESS. I’ve already warned my kids. I’m going to the movies dressed in my African-print caftan wearing a crown and cape like I was Busta Rhymes in the Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See video. Take all the money Marvel, take it all. Minimum 4 viewings in the theater 3D, 4D, IMAX. everything.

  3. iiCarly29

    Hey Rod and Karen!!! Love yall!! listening in DC… ok enough ofa dat… the NWA rendition…. smmfh…. like Randy Jackson, issa no for me dawg. I have a bucket list and I can guarantee that nothing on there has anything with police or chase on that mothafucka… like I made sure those two things aren’t on there. I have some pretty risque stuff on there but niggas and popo, 5, and all the other street names we call em, do not mix! lol The whole Jason Nichols voicemail thing is just sad and disgusting and you’re right her white fragility just couldn’t handle the facts of what is. BLAME WHATEVER PUBLIC SCHOOL THIS SPIDER MONKEY TALLADEGA NIGHTS LEGEND OF RICKY BOBBY ASS BITCH WENT TO! in all honesty let’s have a NIGGADAY and let the festivities of yak and blacks commence with the strrrrooonnng power of Zamunda in this bitch! Somebody hurry and get Frankie Bev and Maze and the good mother miss Ross (Diana if your nasty) in this heezzzyyy! ok that was my 2 cents for the day… love ya’ll #919 all day.

  4. bamil73

    I paused the show during that racist voicemail to Jason Nichols to write this comment. The responses to his segment on Fox say a lot. He was relating historical facts. These facts were so offensive to these people’s worldview, that they had to lash out in the most disgusting ways possible. I used to think the US had moved past its most racist days especially after November 4, 2008. I knew I was wrong on January 21 2009, the day after Obama’s 1st inauguration day, since then its been a constant niggerfest (that is a fest of whites saying nigger out loud). I don’t know if the rise of social media has highlighted stuff that would have just been local, or if people just decided to throw away their filters.

    Rod and Karen, as Americans I’m a need you to get your white people in line before this american racism spills over and fucks the rest of us in the world. Your white people’s racism already got a buffoon elected as the leader of the country with the most nukes. I don’t know how you do it, but you have got to get your whites in check. Weaponize safety pin boxes or something.

  5. Sopitup

    Karen been listenin to “get wood” lately lol…white girls geting the lips on they face bigger and the lower lips smaller…i been seeing black girls buy fake camels to make it look like they have a fat vagina lol what is going on….i could understand if you are 60+ with kids but 18 and under…#niggadayiseveryday i think you guys should save that clip of waka flaka saying “you have to literally read” lol thats what i thought of when that white lady was being angry and hateful…the wedding situation…i wouldnt cancel future weddings i would just put in the contract that if you vandalize or do inapropriate things we will charge your card —-$$$$……

  6. SymSymma

    I am listening to this episode with my headphones in the office and I laughed so loud that tears shot out my eyes. I wasn’t ready. Karen said “somebody gonna wanna sop it up” and I nearly died. I want to keep my job so I’ll save the rest for my commute.

  7. Jdubya

    Hey ummm… yeah that dude singing NWA was bad but can we get an apb out on the racist azz that left that voicemail for Jason Nichols? She said she used to be a probation worker, she has to be in a related field now unless she has already been outed. I don’t know how to do it myself but anyone please!

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