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1546: Gay Jesus And The 12 Dicksciples

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Rod and Karen discuss LGBTQ news, Cardi B gets a deal with Sony, #MeToo hashtag vs MeToo Movement, man arrested for stealing soda from McDonald’s, woman throws cheese 7/11 clerk, mom exposes married lover and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I think at the very least Jesus had a foot fetish. I’m wondering if he made people place their foot against his crotch when he washed them.

  2. Veggievixen

    Rod, you can go ahead and mail that tee to me. When you got all that extra conversation I said, “ That tee is going to the TBGWT Hall of Fame. He’s never wearing that tee again.
    I just Christian flat-lined. I had to listen to that part of podcast again. That was funny as hell. It didn’t enter my mind but anything is possible. Dickciples… WoW. I laughed from a good place. Jesus rubbbing folks Feet with oils. He was an Interior Decorator. In my Karen voice #whatshappeningHERE I can be confident with my beliefs and giggle at the gaps that people may find. That’s why we love you. Our favorite atheist.

  3. Paula Howley

    As a former Christian who has seen the light (phew!) I thought this episode was funny as fuck. I love the thought of Jesus as a gay man. Damn, I wish we had irrefutable proof. Wouldn’t it be awesome for all those Make America Great Again people to find out that their gun toting, white Jesus was actually a gay brown man? They would lose their shit!
    Also, I get a lot of my LGBTQ news from you guys and with a daughter in that community, we REALLY appreciate it. Even though the news is almost always terrible.
    And lastly, WE WON THE SAFETY PIN BOX BACKPACK!!!! On a shitty day filled with #metoos and Canada’s favourite singer dying, this was a bright spot in a dark day. My kid can’t wait to get that back pack. Thank you Rod and Karen and Safety Pin Box!!!!

  4. Adrienne Roehrich

    Rod, I appreciate your jokes, usually quietly. The joke about percussion means you’re still in the band had me laugh suddenly while standing on the train platform on my commute to work. I think I scared people on the platform the same way those gas station screamy ads scare Karen and me at the pump. At least I got a lot of cranky looks. Hah!

  5. Mack

    I enjoy the show in general. I understand your issues with Christians. We have enough issues with each other and our approach to how we practice our faith and how we deal with people (both within and outside of the faith).

    But I really didn’t appreciate going beyond the criticism of the people to the vulgar approach to Jesus here. You went beyond the hypothesis of his sexuality to an all out rank profane rant and musing. I found that deeply offensive and I would appreciate if you did not do that again.


    • rodimusprime

      What exactly is profane about Jesus being gay?

    • EvieE

      Mack, I think the reason you think the joke about Jesus being gay is because you think that there’s something wrong with being gay. That sounds like a you problem, buddy.

      • EvieE

        meant to say, he’s offended because…

  6. Ashy (@Foonok)

    Not answering the phone is surely the blackest thing ever. I have witnessed many white folks willfully answering the phone just out of the curiosity of who’s calling.

    Not my black a$$. If you don’t leave a voicemail, i’ll never know who you were. Hope it wasn’t important.

    Thank you for this show. Have a good one!!

  7. D Ramsey PhDone

    100 for Leo DiCaprio in Django Unchained! He should have won all the awards that year for Calvin Candie.
    In The Revenant….spoiler alert that Momma Bear was not here for Hugh Glass/Leo.

  8. Anonymous

    Rod and Queen Karen, I love it when you do random thoughts. I think them too.

    Rod, your Publix stories always make me laugh. But don’t you realize, Rod, you got more fans than the average man and you’ve come a long way like those slim ass cigarettes. lol. 🙂

    Karen, I also hate those ads at the gas stations. They sneak up on you. It reminds me of the movie Minority Report where the advertisements followed the people every where they went. Can I have a moment of peace, please?

    I think it was very possible that Jesus was gay or intersexed. I know you’re not really into religion, but in Genesis it says that God created man AND woman in his own image. So, that either means that God was both a man and a woman or there are two Gods–one male and one female. And if Jesus is the earthly form of God it is very possible that he may also have been of two genders. NOW, I know that sounded really bizarre but I sometimes have random thoughts about things. I went down this road when about 5 or 6 years ago I read Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s version of the bible, called The Woman’s Bible, in which she gathered theologians and historians to go over the bible to prove to men that there was actually nothing in the bible that said they were superior over women or that the patriarchy was the right way. It’s an interesting read.

  9. afropatterson

    This blasphemy is SO GOOD! I’m sure theres some Jesus/Dickciple fanfic out there

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