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MT 33: Tia Oso

Rod talks to activist Tia Oso about her start in activism, social media, public debates in blackness, protesting at Netroots, intersectionality in activism and visibility. This was a lovely conversation that went on so long but passed by so quick. Tia is smart, engaging, funny and insightful. Talking to her felt like I’d known her forever. Hope you enjoy this conversation.



  1. Selester63

    Great interview.

  2. Amani

    Rod just trying to downplay the fact he got Tia Oso on the pod! I was so hyped Medium Talk was finally back from jump and then you have that dope ass conversation? Ok playa!

    And I’m glad you called it an origin story, because these women really are superheroes.

    I was so glad y’all were able to really touch upon how interconnected the fight for justice is with voter suppression, the weakening of ACORN as a proxy for marginalized voters, and the lack of spine from liberals to be willing to fight. Beyond that it was just such a powerful conversation on Blackness. Thank you for that. I really can’t recommend this conversation enough

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