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1556: Fake It Till You Make It Baby

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Rod and Karen are joined by Jeremy from the CSPN to recap The Walking Dead.

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  1. Dia

    I enjoy the recaps. They are awesome and a highlight of my week!

    I am with you, Rod, I hope that the absence of Danai Gurira does not spark any hatred towards the show, since she was working on Black Panther.

    I saw a glimpse of displeasure from a few (small number on Twitter) who felt that Carol was getting the edit that Michonne deserved, but I think it was difficult to build edit since at that time Danai had her play, Eclipsed, starring Lupita Nyong’o and was nominated and won major awards during that time of the Walking Dead.

    Lastly, I am not as old as Carol, but I am glad to see an older woman get “shipped” with so many men. Tobin, Morgan, Daryl and now Ezekiel. I cringe a bit when people call her menopausal and geriatric it really speaks volumes that people don’t value women who are mature in age. Carol is a solid character who has been through so much, so I think she deserves to be a bad ass with some possible suitors.

  2. Dunedragon

    YEEEEESSSSSSS!!!! TBGWT!!! The ONLY place to get your ghetto geek on!!

    Thanks for reading my late-ass comment from last week. Tried to get this one in early in case there is an early feedback show.

    Lets start with the name the episode should have had. It had to either be “I don’t die” or “Clear-Morgan with a Gun”. To my hot takes:

    The secret to Shiva’s selective hunting is clear. Peach cobbler. This group, who smell like peach cobbler, are tracking that group that doesn’t. The group that doesn’t has to be the enemy. Simple as that. That’s why you need to keep a gut filled of the cobbler to stay safe in the Kingdom.

    I don’t see the chemical zombie being anyone’s weapon or experiment but more of a set-up for a crazy zombie scene, like the sand-zombies or the sea-zombies of last season. Think 24 daisy-chained melded zombies like a living wall coming after you in a enclosed space with little ammo. Shooting one in the head, the whole group still shuffles forward.

    I’m still not comfortable with the King’s lines. One second he sounds like King Arthur at the round table (which is expected) but when he roles back, he sounds like Supa Fly Dolamite. Or is that also an act to knock loose Carol’s ankles. Cos she does look like the jungle fever type, slave owner looking for some quality time with mandingo.

    Clear-Morgan-with-a-Gun is the most interesting iteration of Morgan so far. All the vicious determination of Clear Morgan with minimal reliance on a sharpened stick. If this episode aired in February, along with Black Panther, I think the next next black resurgence would have kicked off. I just prey he doesn’t get knocked off before the season finale.

    Did you guys notice at the surrender a guy took a Polaroid of the captured behind Jesus and the gang? Tied to Rick taking a Polaroid of Negan hiding from gun shots, Rick is getting petty as fuuuuu… What kind of propaganda do you guys think he planning to do with the pictures?

    The Morales callback was appreciated. It is my second favorite call back since the return of Morgan. Why do I suspect that Rick is going to do a total 180 and kill Morales at the end of the day with no qualms?

    Got so much more to say but Im being greedy with y’all time. {In Morgan’s voice} “How can there be no feedback show this week? We are supposed to have a feedback show”.

    Safe trip guys.

  3. Sierra johnson


  4. Alicia

    For the poll …… no I’ve never had fraud but I told my bank a couple transactions were …….

    I don’t know what Imma do with my life while y’all on vacay but enjoy yourselves!!!

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