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BDS 230: Popovich For President

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Papa John’s says NFL making pizza not sell, Goodell extension, Bob McNair, Embiid not spending money, Kyrie not joking, Browns fuck up trade, Garoppolo traded, the Cavs, JR Smith goes in on Stephen A, Lebron files trademark, Kelvin Benjamin traded, Greg Hardy wants to be UFC champ, Pop for prez and Steph’s contract.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod and JiAngelo Ball,

    I hope all is good with y’all!

    This past Sunday in the NFL was supposed to be Salute To Service Sunday, but for wide receivers across the league it was On My Mama, Nigga Sunday. Mike Evans revealed he had an “S” on his chest as Captain Save A Nigga and flew to Jameis Winston’s rescuse by literally flying into Marcus Lattimore! And shouts out to Jameis for deciding that he needed to turn eatting a finger-W into taking a reality-L.

    Y’all (all 3 of y’all, shouts out to Queen Karen) are clearly tireless workers, be it working in an office, building a podcast network or getting a master’s degree. But have you ever worked your ass off at work only to it fucked up by an idiot coworker? That must be what AJ Green felt like when notes loudmouth whipper snap Jalen Ramsey decided to call Green soft and Green suddenly start choking the fuck outta Ramsey. Not since Courtland Finnegan caught the Beats By Dre has a wideout been that angry! He punched that nigga’s helmet!

    Shouts out to Andy Dalton, who decided to celebrate Ireland’s National Redhead Day by putting up a trash stat line and only throwing to AJ Green once for a whole 6 yards. Way to represent your people, dumbass.

    I’ve been to Beijing and Shanghai. A trio of niggas that is 6’5 at the shortest are gonna be watched like hawks. They better agree to whatever they can to get back on a plane and the fuck back home.

    Tell me why I watched Andrew Wiggins fry Chef Curry and started singing, “Didn’t we almost have it all…”? Meanwhile, D Wade pulled 25 points outta the air a few days ago, meaning by the laws of equivalent exchange he’s gonna miss 25 games after the All Star break. Did King James really create this AARP All Star team?

    And Rod, your piece on your Kaepernick realization was fucking brilliant. Masterfully written and spot-the-fuck-on. Especially cuz white folks really expect the league to literally crack a whip and keep the players “in line”. Ugh.

    Sorry for the length of this, but i hope y’all have a great day and weekend y’all, peace!

  2. rodimusprime

    Hey, Rod and Jiangelo Ball. Listen… I refuse to believe that those 7 ft niggas thought they were going to steal from the Louis store. Come on, fellas. If they ain’t watching nobody, they’re watching your lanky asses. Lol I hope they don’t have to go to a Chinese prison. That would be awful. Lavar better not say anything until they get those youngins back over here with the amber waves of grain. Smooches!


  3. Amani

    Hey Rod and JiAngelo Ball

    Didn’t they learn from Georgetown getting stomped out, them niggas in China take this shit serious? Man they shut down people’s internet when Rod joked about them, you really getting caught stealing when they still gotta allow you to leave the country? I guess he was tired of being the Cooper Manning and just snapped on some kid stuff. Just gotta hope none of the Chinese cops are Lakers fans like Justin and hate on him like they do Lonzo.

    None of this would have happened if Pop was there though. His presence and leadership experience on the world stage is unquestioned. He made peace with French, Argentinean, Spanish and American forces and I know he could have solved this. Bruce Bowen for Secretary of Defense, Kap for veterans affair, he’s god leadership we can believe in. #Pop2020

    And shout out to #DatZingis! My man has been putting in work now that it’s his team and made sure Cody knows not to try him. Y’all talked about the Sixers last week, but I’m so glad they took Okafor at 3 instead of Porzingis. At least it’ll be a fun 30 points a night he’s putting up when we miss the playoffs again.

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