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TTM 21: The Most Disappointed Man

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Rod and Bassey discuss NBC’s family drama, “This Is Us.”

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  1. rodimusprime

    First, I write to say that I love these recaps. The sole reason I started watching this show was to follow your recaps. I get the perspective I need to enjoy this show by listening to you two. So sincerely, thank you for these recaps.

    Now, the on to the show. Admittedly, I balked at the idea of a Kevin and Kate-centric show. Though I am warming up to Kevin, and tolerate Kate, I need my black Pearsons. But man did this episode have me on edge! From start to finish, it felt like Kevin was going to fall off the proverbial cliff. The scene that really got me was when the high school girl approached him after his meltdown on the football field to ask him if he wanted to hang out. It goes to commercial then shows Kevin clearly in bed with someone. Y’all, for a split second, I really thought they went there. Thankfully they didn’t but I was scared! I also enjoyed the way the episode ended with a segue into Kate’s story. These writers are amazing at what they do.

    Anyways, keep doing what you guys do.



  2. rodimusprime


    Sad to say they Found a way for me to fully understand Kevin. I think the problem for Kevin is he was always considered the independent one. The one with the least issues. He probably at first when he was younger enjoyed it but eventually it gets lonely. When you become the person who is ok if people aren’t there or put other peoples events before your own eventually it forms an almost toxic independence. Where you don’t share your problems because well other people’s are bigger. Now I totally can’t defend his “Trump America Opiod Fuck Boi” Behavior. his moments of reflection and his painful moment of wanting to finally bare his problems to Randall only to be put on the back burner feel all too real.
    Love the recaps!

    P.S. Toby ain’t that bad! He just ain’t as awesome as Beth who is the gold standard of Pearson spouses. Miguel maybe shady but I mean hey we all have goals his was to be a splackaveli and wear a pilgrim hat. I salute him for his Vintage Slide into the DMs.

    Happy Holidays!

  3. rodimusprime

    Hi Rod and Bassey,

    I have a few random thoughts. . .

    I just wanted to say that I am relieved that they didn’t make Kevin sleep with high school girl. That would have been extremely low and I don’t want to hate a Pearson that much. Just say no to R.Kelly behavior.

    I am so happy that I have a black podcast that covers this show. I try to listen to other aftershow podcasts and they are garbage and they don’t get ANY black Pearson references.

    And I just want to say that big girls over 35 have babies every day and don’t miscarry. It does complicate things for doctor but it should not be a assumed thing that Kate would miscarry just because of that. Miscarriage is quite common and can happen at any age, weight, or for any reason. Not really getting on you or Bassey but it just was a common foregone conclusion amongst all of the podcasts I listen to. Plus side to no more baby, we could probably get rid of Toby???? (one can dream)

    There is so much foreshadowing on this show. It is probably a misdirection, but do you think that the house will have an electrical fire and that is how Jack passes? They keep having to reset the breaker. They did it when they showed the house on season 1. Maybe Jack rescues Kate’s dog and gets trapped which is why Kate feels so much guilt.

    Love you both!!!!

    C. Rolle

  4. rodimusprime

    Hi Rod and Bassey,

    Is it bad that when Randall cut Kevin off to tell him Kate lost the baby, the only thing I thought was “Damnit! Now this is going to get in the way of Kevin’s cry for help!”? Kevin was trash from childhood well into adulthood but you can see growth in him present day. His breakdown on the football field and then on that poor woman’s front lawn broke my heart. Justin Hartley gave his all in this episode and it was beautiful.


  5. rodimusprime

    Hey guys!

    *getting right to the point

    So I never really saw it for Kevin. He was the definition of whiteness in America for me… had a great opportunity to become a pro athlete and it didn’t work out, so he just became a millionaire actor, and somehow he isn’t satisfied with the way his life turned out. It just reminded me of #WhitePeopleNeedRealProblems.

    But man… this week, I felt for Kevin. It never occurred to be that he was so empty and that the fame and money was one of the things keeping him from having real connections with people. It kinda explains why he never really grieved his dad… because who would listen? I guess you hear it all the time with celebrities and successful people who still battle with being fulfilled. I really want Randal to be the one to see the hurt in Kevin. Come through, writers!

    As soon as I saw Toby call, I knew Kate lost the baby. I’m not going to be ready to cry over that lol

    PS- I can’t wait for Randall’s episode to see how he fit in at Howard (I’m assuming that’s where he went since the college visit was in DC?)… and I’m also interested to see who they choose to play young Beth.

    **i watch online so I don’t see the previews for the next show**

    Anyway, y’all have a great week and a great thanksgiving!


  6. rodimusprime

    Hi Rod and Bassey,

    I have to admit, I watched most of Kevin’s episode with my fist clenched at my side like Arthur. What an infuriating piece of shit he was as a teenager. The disrespectful way he talked to Jack and the way he treated that coach….whoo, I wanted to reach through the television and backhand him like he stole something from me. I don’t even get why he was such a dick. With parents like Jack and Rebecca, he had no damn excuse.

    When Randall gave him that sympathetic look as he and Jack was walking out the door, just made me love Randall so much. He treats Randall like shit and Randall still cares. He doesn’t deserve Randall as a brother let alone breath the same air as Randall.

    We’ve already established in previous feedback that I’m not shit so I’m just going to go ahead and say that I didn’t feel the least bit of sympathy for Kevin when he injured his knee. Fuck that kid. Kevin is barely tolerable as an adult, pulling crackhead moves.

    Can we talk about that trash ass doctor? How the fuck is she a medical professional and didn’t notice something was medically wrong with Kevin? It’s bad enough that Sophie didn’t notice but we all know she ain’t shit. But this show made it seem like this doctor he went to school with was such an altruistic person with the work she does but she might be just as bad as Sophie. Who knew this whole episode she was doing the for the D challenge? Apparently she’ll sleep with an addict for the Dick. And then would she wouldn’t allow him inside to look for his necklace when clearly he was distraught crying on her damn lawn she may be vying for Sophie and Miguel’s title of trash ass person of the year.

    I would have thought for sure that Randall would know right away that something was wrong with Kevin but he wrongly misinterpreted the situation because of what happened with Kate. Once again, Kevin’s problems are brushed to the side because of another family member’s crisis. I think I would have liked to see more of that happen in this episode since it centered around him and it would have went a long way to making me feel more sympathetic to his character. But it was still an enjoyable episode. Phenomenal writing. Looking forward to Kate’s story next week.

    I just hope Tyrone Biggums gets help and goes to rehab.

    Evie E

  7. t0DDMF

    This episode had me all over the place. So much that I’m still trying to figure out where to start. Going into this, i figured this would be one of the heavier episodes of this season because the setup with Kevin’s downward spiral indicated that it would all come to a head.

    Just before i forget; that scene where Jack is taking Randall on a college visit, “…to some college in D.C” gives me a little hope that he goes to Howard instead of Harvard. He then meets Beth, gets an internship at the National Weather Service, where he learns to derive weather and live happily ever after.


    At first, My This Too Much moment was that FUCKING monologue on the 50 yd line. It was Kevin’s time for personal accountability, which seems sort of like a first step to recovery. But damn, that little white gal must be the descendant of that white women that was pushing up on Jack at his office. Came through and fucked his focus all up. But y’all! I can’t believe Kevin went full crackhead! At first, i was like, “Come through Dr. Everley!” Only to realize his plan was to prolly fuck her to get more painkillers. All i could picture is Kevin walking into that reception hall like, “I got these two cheeseburgers mannnnn.” And after he changed his mind about using a fake prescription and ended back up at Dr. EverBae (that’s what imma call her) house and screamed “I’m in pain here, i just need someone to help me” i lost my shit. Of course the next scene where he ends up at Randall’s house ( by way of an expensive ass uber, a mega bus, teleportation Or however the hell they get around) i though it was time for the STAR of the show to play magical negro and make everything ok. But damn, Kate lost her baby. Again, the writers, how the fuck?! I hate how this sounds, but what a fucking lead in to next week. Like wow.

    By the way, this recap is the very reason i went premium almost a year ago. Best decision I’ve made in the last year. Thank you both for what you do.

  8. FalconsDiva

    Hey Rod and Bassey!

    The Deja episodes keep me in my feelings! I’ve tried to understand your feelings about the Black Pearsons this episode, but I can’t. Put me in the respectability group but I wish there were some Pearsons in my life fighting for my sisters and me when we were young. My mother spent most of my childhood in and out of jail. I love my grandmother, but because that was her baby, my mother was in and out of our lives as well. Grandma never forbid my mother from seeing us, but I wish she would have. When my older sister was 15, she got pregnant by a friend of my mother’s. My mother was in the next room while they were having sex. The man was an adult. Eleven or so years later, my younger sister got pregnant by my mother’s drug dealer. I managed to escape that cycle early in life. I think I was around 13 when I stopped messing with her. But my sisters were like Deja – so excited to go see her. I was around 7 when I got disgusted with the process of going to see her in jail. It wasn’t for me because I was a kid and my process was easy, but they way they would go through my grandmother’s stuff, the long drive and how tiring it all was for my grandmother. Only for her to get out and wind up back in there. The breaking point for me was the time she got arrested at the house and my younger sister fell out crying and screaming “don’t take my mommy!!” By then I was used to it but watching my baby sister so traumatized did it for me. One time later she was out and I was trying to be a good Christian and forgive her. She and I went for a walk to McDonald’s, I treated her to ice cream with my hard-earned money. We lived across from my high school. Imagine my horror as we walked back to see a police car in the driveway. There were athletic teams outside practicing and everything… Anyway, from a kid’s point of view, EFF Deja’s mom and I’m team Black Pearsons on this one. But I’ve never been a mother so I can’t see this from the mama’s point of view.

    For the record, my mother was in and out of jail mainly for stealing but I suspect there were some drug charges as well. Now that we’re older, both of my sisters are struggling. My younger sister is an alcoholic and has anxiety attacks and my older sister suffers from depression, and a few other mental issues. I’m not fully together myself, I think my residual effect is my propensity to cut a mofo off real quick if they hurt me. Family included. Not necessarily putting someone out my life but I will cut off access to my heart. What’s funny is now I’m the emergency contact for my mother. When she needs something, I’m the one that handles it. My sisters don’t deal with her that much, I think they have a level of PTSD concerning her. Honestly, the only reason I mess with her is because that’s what my grandmother would want if she were alive.

    About this week’s episode…. KEVIN!!!! First, I thought it would be safe to workout watching this episode because it was Kevin. And for most of the show, that was the truth. But damn, he broke me down – HARD! At first I thought Dr. Everly was going to notice something was off with him but that trick was trying to smash. I’m glad he reached his “I need help” moment at the high school event and not the red carpet like Bassey thought. Well honestly we don’t know because he may spiral further. Him on that lawn crying was hard to watch. Even after thinking he was an asshole for most of the episode. Teen Kevin got on my nerves but watching him cry about that pendant hurt my heart. Especially considering how he got it. Then when he gets to Randall to ask for help, Randall brings up Kate losing the baby. That did me in! That’s pretty much the story of my life, dealing with my sisters’ issues and not having family to help me with mine. Thankfully I have a great girlfriend circle so I’m not alone like Kevin but I totally related to that scene.

    The writers are trash for making us think for a second that Kevin slept with that little girl! I just knew he was going to jail for statutory rape – for like a hot second.

    On a lighter note, I thought it was cute that Randall called Kate LL Cool K.

    Oh and my comment for the last show didn’t make it in time, but I thought they would be in their 30’s by 2008. This episode made me think it even more – when Kevin said it had been 20 years since he was on that football field.

    Dang, this is a long post! Please forgive me, writing this was very therapeutic. I guess I need to start journaling again.

  9. rodimusprime

    Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to lay to rest this unjustifiable hate y’all have for Sophie.

    I just don’t get it. The woman has a face that can launch not a thousand but ten thousand ships. She has the screen presence to even make a scene with Kevin bearable. And even in her limited role, she’s managed to show enough range to go from reluctant ex-wife to disgusted unbeknownst fiancé.

    I’m new to the podcast (it’s pretty damn good by the way), but I just don’t get why y’all find her so offensive. Is this some kind of crossover beef where the actress is being judged for something she did on the Walking Dead, like almost busting up the Rick and Michonne ship?

    On the last recap, one of y’all compared her to a refrigerator, saying she’s just bland, saying she’s just there.

    Well, I’ve attached a picture of my refrigerator and a picture of Sophie. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t see a resemblance.


  10. Dia

    First, I know some people think a radiologist is the same a an x-ray technician. But no, a radiologist is a medical doctor.

    What Kevin did to Sophie was so wrong. I agree with both of you, she is basic and ordinary. It has nothing to do with the looks of actress that plays her or her nursing profession. I just think she is written and portrayed with no foundation or depth. The man whose face was covered by the fence on Home Improvement was more intriguing than Sophie.

    But with what Kevin did to Sophie, he doesn’t deserve much more than a basic woman. Let Sophie be a lesson to people when it comes to relationships…never hustle backwards. You left for a reason.

    Lastly, I am still on the fence with Miguel. But since the hurricane and crisis in Puerto Rico, and I have learned some pretty cool things about the actor that plays him. I also learned this bit of trivia: In 2013 he released an album titled Grown and Sexy Music. *insert Chrissy Teigen face*

    Thanks for the great recaps.

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