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PG 121: Do You Know Who I Am?

Rod and Justin discuss a neighbor and her unruly dogs, towing in apartment complexes, local Charlotte election talk, Rod’s Yelp reviews, we discover the raps of a guy we know, some reality show talk and listener feedback.


  1. rodimusprime

    What up Rod and Justin,

    This is long overdue but Justin asked if your Uggs were waterproof a while back. It looks like you have some version of the Ugg Classic Short. The regular version is not waterproof but the Ugg Classic II is waterproof. The thing is the shoes look identical except for the 2 being more expensive. At my old job we had a hard time marketing the 2s for that reason. So if you wanna cop some for Karen, I’d suggest getting the 2s.

    Also Ugg makes house slippers. They cost as much as some sneakers but my nigga they are life changing. I almost broke my own rule and wore them to the store the other day. Since Karen is always cold, she’d probably love the ugg slippers with the fur inside. However, it’d probably take her white woman levels off the charts!

    I used to be in the “men don’t wear uggs” camp. Now I’m damn near Tom Brady. Don’t ask me about that red hat on my desk, Rod.


  2. DeonBmore

    What up Rod & Justin

    As the owner of dog, nothing I hate more than people that let their dogs shit all over the place and don’t pick up after them. It takes no effort to pick their shit up, and if you don’t want to, don’t get a fucking dog. Just be mindful around that Becky, she sounds very 53%-ish.

    Rod’s discovery of his inner white woman with pumpkin spice lattes has motivated me to do the same. My wife and daughter are going out of town on Saturday morning and coming back on Thanksgiving. She tried to buy me UGGs years ago before Tom Brady made it cool, I might get my UGG life on. I already practice Pilates on a weekly basis, I might as well level up this white woman shit.

    Peace out fellas.

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