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BDS 231: Happy Halladays

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, that Ball kid shoplifting allegedly, our football picks, Masa John’s Pizza, Jerry Jones vs Goodell, Josh Gordon was lit every game, Elliott suspension could include playoffs, ESPN social media policy, JuJu’s bike, Maverick Carter, LaVine gets shoe deal, Brown VP denies sabotaging trade, Dolphins social justice fund, Girardi fired, Texans discussed Kaep, Prozingis ready to lead, Eric Bledsoe fined, Martellus Bennett released, RG3, Michael Irvin apologizes, Mark Cuban spars with Draymond, Giannis prefers Milwaukee, Oubre’s jacket, Cam doesn’t know Titanic sank, Pop gets the all time wins, D’Angelo Russell, Anthony McClanahan, Puig robbed again, Lonzo’s Nas shirt, Bulls back Portis, Packers were lying, D Rose held to minutes limit, Odom passes out a club, Nike NBA gear, Deng wants out of LA, Kerr disgusted by guns, Rivers snitches on Paul and Griffin, Dwight Howard fined 25K, NCAA investigation and Boston sports radio guy goes in on Halladay!


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod and J Hoiberg,

    I hope all is well.

    Until I see a team beat the Cavs in a seven games series, the East belongs to LeBron James. Be it the King of New York quelling a peasant Knickerbopper uprising or scorching a Carolina hornet’s nest, the East is LeBron’s domain.

    That being said…Jesus Kemba was able to slide around JR and Kevin Love with ease. D Wade is still the human equivalent of the 10 of spades winning a book. Why did folks think that this old nigga coming to Cleveland was going to somehow improve our prospects? But it could be worse; I might live in Chicago but at least I ain’t a Bulls fan! I flipped the channel to see how they were doing against OKC and it really looked like a pro team playing a group of college students. Not a college team, just a bunch of students who were told, “yeah, go stand with you hands in a circle by the net.” If I were a Bulls fan I’d be disgusted.

    Justin, what are your thoughts on that tall lightskint point guard that was balling outta control last night in the Sixers vs Lakers game? Also, what are your thoughts on Lonzo Ball? And as long as the rest of his body doesn’t go the way of Greg Oden, Joel Embiid is gonna be a problem. I hadn’t had a chance to see him play and goddamn, that boy’s basketball game is as strong as his social media game!

    Shouts out to the Buffalo Bills, who at 5-4 are in a spot for the playoffs but are gonna bench Tyrod Taylor in favor of a tall white guy who is likely gonna play like spit roasted garbage. This ain’t to say that Tyrod didn’t play terribly in his last game, but goddamnit they replaced Sammy Watkins with Calvin Benjamin. That’s like swapping out a glass of milk and a bowl of cereal with a glass of gasoline and bowl of nails.

    Have a great day and show y’all, peace!

  2. DeonBmore

    What up Rod & J-Enes Kanter,

    If you come at the king, you best not miss. Lebron let the Knicks believe, only to go NBA Jam in the fourth quarter and hit the step back 3 to seal the game. Nothing warms my heart like seeing New York niggas hype themselves up, only to be humbled in the process. I’m glad that they are able to take a moral victory from the close game, talmbout how they won’t be punked and they made Lebron work for it. Whatever niggas.

    I saw ya’ll team last night for the first time this season. Ya’ll have an interesting squad, but how did you let the Cavs go on a run like that while Lebron was on the bench with those fouls? I watched that game because I was waiting for the Sixers/Lakers game and I pray that Embiid can stay healthy. That nigga just isn’t fair, the Sixers team with him and Simmons is fun as hell. Embiid makes people look so foolish when they try to guard him.

    On the other Justin’s team needs to ask Liangelo to steal a new jump shot for Lonzo, cause his shit is straight trash. Anybody else pick up on the sudden change in thinking when it came to the three basketball players getting arrested for doing something dumb in a foreign country? When’s it’s a swimmer or a student ripping down a poster, everybody wants to talk about them being kids and it being a human rights issue. I wonder what the difference is, hmm…..

    Who needs the NFL when the NBA is jumping like this and has a nice mix of established stars and new niggas? Shit is great, although I will get my popcorn ready if the other NFL owners are serious about getting Jerry Jones up out the paint for conduct “detrimental” to the league with the bullshit he’s on.

    Keep the shows coming, peace.

  3. FalconsDiva

    Hey Rod and Justin!

    I fully believe the Falcons beat the Cowboys like that because Jerry Jones called Arthur Blank a liar. You don’t mess with Uncle Artie!!! I’m not saying we’re back to form, but that was a beautiful sight to see.

    That’s all I got, can’t wait to hear the show this week.

  4. Amani

    Hey Rod and Justin Jones

    First Zeke gets suspended for the 17th time. This time for real! Then the other owners got together in a group to tell him to stop trying to get Goodell fired. It’s almost like they colluded to silence his protest. Maybe he’s just getting desperate with all that lost money from his Papa John stock tanking after their racist shit.

    Speaking of racists in Dallas, fuck Mark Cuban’s shark tank face ass. How many times has he feuded with Black people and somehow we just don’t have the capacity to understand. Over here talking about Draymond needing more classes and he’s gonna pay for it? Fuck outta here.

    And Justin lying his ass off, and I don’t know what you’re doing listening to him. Joe Girardi is just a regular white boy from Chicago. Got his lightskin treachery out here second guessing yourself. That’s what you get for talking about baseball. You were flying so high and then just crashed and burned.

  5. jamielscorpio

    What up Rod and J Halladay. I should of known with Karen being on vacation the show would not come crashing to the end at the 2 hour mark cause you had to jet for lunch. Roy Halladay will be missed I’ll never forget when he made that big splash pitching for the phillies. But late in his careers he did have contol problems. Y’all keep up the good work and Rod good job steering the coversations away from dark rocky areas

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