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TNO 97: Jar Jar Cooned So Gollum Could Walk

Rod, Kriss and Aaron discuss listener feedback, entertainment, YouTube TV, Amazon LOTR TV series, Ahmad Best on Jar Jar, Tyrese’s ultimatum for Fast 9, JK Simmons open to returning to Spiderman, Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie, Bendis leaving Marvel for DC, Wild Dog costume, Disney dispute with LA Times, MCU crosses 5 billion dollar mark, Chadwick’s Black Panther accent, comic book movies considered for Oscars, Disney / Fox deal, Superman game, Guillermo Del Toro’s Pinocchio canceled, Blade Runner could lose 80 mil, Funko stocks, Disney streaming, Rian Johnson gets Star Wars Trilogy, Brett Ratner outed Ellen Page during X-Men 3, Zelda on the Switch, Star Trek returning in January, Stranger Things 2 kiss scandal, SpaceX rocket engine explodes, Universal dark universe put on hold, Punisher gun control debate and Mockingbird / Black Widow movie.


  1. rodimusprime

    Hello Karen and crew,

    Whew 2017 just won’t quit, we are living in a reality where Thor is more profitable than Superman and Batman. Rod probably has the story about the execs at WB spilling the tea, i couldn’t stop laughing when I read it.

    Infinity War trailer AND Dem Agents coming back in the same week? Marvel trying to kill us with blessings. Love Wakanda being all up in there, Marvel breaking the Mcduffie rule of 3 and daring folks to be mad.

    And a quick question for Chris, as the pastor of the church of wally, do you consider Walter West a false prophet, and thoughts on XS possibly coming to the CW shows?

    Take it easy guys


  2. Amani

    Jabari Jabari Binko will not rest until the Gungan supremacy is acknowledged in CGI! My man was cooning so hard! I just want to follow his tweets once Black Panther comes out and see if he roasts Andy Serkis for doing live-action and “selling out” by not doing mo cap in everything. Hate hate hate hate hate!

    And DC finally did it. No Justice League wasn’t a great film by any stretch and was flawed in all the ways we knew it would be, but it was fun. For all the people saying this was the most Marvel-like, to me they finally did what Rod has been saying and made them more like the animated movies. The story beats felt straight out of Justice League: War and the fact they had to edit so much ended up keeping it short and sweet. The final scene had Geoff Johns hands all over it and basically felt the same way Rebirth did after the New 52. I just hope they can keep it up, but the way they started sabotaging themselves immediately after the box office numbers I worry WB gonna WB.

    The fact they sold the Lord of the Rings rights to amazon is the only thing that gives me hope for that series. If Kriss thought Star Wars put all the good parts in the scroll, that series is even worse. You’d read through 3 chapters of them walking and talking to bullshit trees then get to appendix and there are dragons fighting balrogs, niggas fighting in the shadow realm, and all that dope shit that made the games fun. If they focus on the actual exciting parts of the universe I’m here for this and it may finally win over Rod too.

    • Amani


      Thanos about to fuck up the whole universe in his undershirt while he’s shopping at the mall

  3. J-Full

    What up TNO crew,

    Re: The Disney streaming service

    You guys mentioned that Disney’s streaming service would help Netflix and hurt Hulu. I don’t think that’s the case. Disney owns a significant share of Hulu so it wouldn’t make sense for them to cannibalize a revenue stream. And if they were to sell their stake in Hulu just for the possibility that their own service would be successful that would be too risky. That opens the door for another Hulu owner to take majority control and possibly shut Disney content out. Lastly, Disney just doesn’t have enough content for their own service to be a real threat. Yes they have Star Wars, Marvel, regular Disney shit, plus the ABC/ESPN shit. But think about the breadth of content on Netflix and Hulu. For Disney to even start approaching that level of content they would have to make mad acquisitions which makes the venture not profitable.

    All that being said, considering their content limitations and their brand identity how much do you think people are willing to pay for such a service? I think people with kids would be their primary target market so I’m guessing most parents are willing to pay $5-7 max. Especially when you consider how people make such a fuss about Netflix raising their prices a dollar. If Disney comes in at $5 they’ll be the lowest cost streaming service which can really help if they pitch it as an easy and kid friendly, keep the kids outta your hair so you can make dinner, entertainment option.

    Lastly, a few months back I wrote in about the Nacon Revolution PS4 controller, yea that shit is trash. They had a dumb ass cord connection similar to the coax cable you use for your cable box. So all the dope shit about the controller is ruined because the controller shorts out and disconnects all the time! They came out with a new controller that has a micro usb wired connection but of course they dont’ sell it in america yet. And it’s going for $130 on ebay smh

    Aight that’s all I got.

    Oh one more thing, are we as Black people ready for the possibility of Black Panther not being good? Like what if it’s supremely mediocre, we gotta cyse it anyway, for the culture, right?!


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