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1558: The Hands Of Jesus

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Rod and Karen recap The Walking Dead.

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  1. EvieE

    Jesus is trash. Kill those mother fuckers. Trust and believe them not killing those saviors, Jared especially is going to come back and bite them in the ass.

    I can’t believe that people were wondering what happened to Morales after all this time. I can tell you what happened to Morales with absolute certainty. That nigga dead.

  2. Dunedragon

    TBGWT!!! Only place to get your Ghetto Geek on!!

    Welcome back Karen!! I cant lie, Your voice in this episode is sounding so relaxed. Almost like a midnight hour DJ. Rod, take the metrics and make sure Queen Karen stays as stressless as this. To my walking dead hot takes….

    Im so relieved there was no Morales back story episode.But the way Daryll took him out, I feel that they shot the scene with Morales surviving and one with him dying in the other. Then they did polls asking how you felt about Morales and as Morales did not get any real good feedback he was cut out.

    Now if I am taking a bunch of POWs back to base in the Z-Poc, courtesy demands they shut the eff up on route. Jerold the whistler could have been attracting zombies, sending some code to people waiting in the bushes, distracting Morgan’s crew from an ambush,…anything. Jesus could have given Jerold a back hand and told him to shut up and the whole conflict with Morgan would have been averted.

    The writers make Morgan’s line so deep. The “Im not right” line was a double entendre. Im not right, as in not right in the head, as well as not right for wanting to kill. And the ” once you have turned ” refering to the Saviours as if he was talking about zombies. This is an episode to watch multiple times.

    King Supa Fly’s montage had me playing A-team music in the background for me.

    Gregory flip flops so hard, like a Shaq backboard shattering dunk. 10am he is standing with thumb in belt next to Negan. 10:30 he is abandoning our Gabrielle. 2pm he is begging for his life at the gate looking for human compassion. 2:15pm he wants the POWs to be kept out the gate. Jellyfish have more backbone. He is the Little Finger of Walking Dead.

    More polaroids being taken by Rick. I hope how it is used is not going to be anticlimactic.

    Trying to keep the comments as short as possible, but sharing it with my TBGWT family is too good to hold back. Another great podcast guys. {In Gregory’s voice} “Open your heart!! Please forgive my long ass comments and read it on your podcast!!”

    P.S. A Melanin challenged friend that I put onto the podcast was complaining to me that you went too hard on white men on the sexual harassment. I told him he didnt catch when you guys had Cosby Show theme music almost every episode when the the Cosby Count was going from 12 to 36.

  3. D Ramsey PhDone

    When I saw the notice pop up yesterday….I ignored it. I hate that I am listening 24 hours later!
    Momma Karen looks all tanned and in the glow of White Woman of Color down in the island!

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