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1559: The Black Woman Shared Universe

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Rod and Karen discuss Karen’s trip to Jamaica. That’s it. That’s all we did. Enjoy!

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  1. mcaimee

    Welcome Back, Karen! I am so late on this but I loved the episode and I had to tell you! I loved hearing about your trip and mostly hearing what it meant to you, I think I teared up a little bit.
    It really hit me when you talked about wondering if you deserved to go on the trip. I thought it was so amazing that you would even share that self-doubt, I can relate to your doubt and it means everything to hear someone i admire so much share something so personal. That, right there, is the heart of how you impact me and, I think, others, as well. When everyone else is trying to cultivate a sense of perfection and false importance through social media you are willing to share your vulnerabilities and doubts and imperfections– its so refreshing and very very rare and amazing. So much respect and love for you and Rod, thank you for doing the podcast. Its my favorite Podcast of all-time. Others come and go but I haven’t missed a single episode for about 2+ years now. Until next time…I love you!

  2. EvieE

    Karen, I got my life listening to you talk about your trip and it’s inspired me to organize a girls trip of my own. While I’ve been out of the country a few time before I want to do it with some good girlfriends and cut the fuck up. Rod, I laughed my ass off whenever you said white people were there because you said it with so much disgust, like “eww white people”

    Loved this recap and I hope those folks don’t stress you out at work Karen, especially that bitch at work.

  3. Susan

    I loved hearing about Karen’s rip. Not only do I want to go to Jamaica, I want to go with Karen and a bunch of cool black women! Seriously if someone from that group starts a travel company, let me know, I’m working on getting my passport.

    Rod, loved your scoring of the episode, what is the name of the song you played when Karen was talking about the sea turtle holes on the beach?

  4. Ciara

    Karen I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed hearing about your trip. I was here for ALLLLLLL of it! I love the format of Rod interviewing you (with reggae music in the background) and I absolutely loved hearing the details of each day. You can tell from your stories that you had the best time! I have been to Jamaica before but I’ve never done Jamaica the way you did! It sounded lit all day every day! As a black woman, I hope someday I can have that kind of experience.

  5. andbigdaddy2

    Hey y’all,

    Miss Karen I am so glad you enjoyed your trip. I am a small biz owner who maintains salt and freshwater aquariums and was so happy to hear that you enjoyed snorkeling and seeing the fish and Corals I see everyday in aquariums. I want to give you a warning for future trips. Do not, Do not, Do not touch live coral. They are mostly harmless but some can cause painful burns, rashes or even death if you are either allergic or if you touch one that causes you to go into toxic shock. Every year someone in my line of business dies or is hospitalized because they made a mistake with coral they deal with every day. If you go snorkeling again they have water proof coral and fish identification charts that make the experience educational as well as fun. As a PSA taking coral is super illegal even the skeletons which is the white part you see on the beach. I am glad you made it through customs alright but don’t chance it in the future. Also as a heads up to everyone do not buy the dried out star fish or the giant conch shells they may not be dead and will stink up the place like you won’t belive. Thanks for being in my ear when I get bit by large eels with attitudes or by clown fish because they are dicks. Love the show y’all stay awesome. Peace.

  6. Nahan87

    Welcome back Karen! I really enjoyed hearing all about your trip and as the official planner in my family it has truly inspired me to put together a trip for my sisters. Is there somewhere I could go to see the itineraries including where yall stayed? I’ve stayed at villas before but your trip was on a whole other level. I’m so happy you got to experience it.

  7. AO

    Karen! I’m so happy for you! You deserved the respite. Thank you for sharing your trip; you really got your white woman of color lyfe and I loved hearing every moment of it. I’m so glad a space was created for black women fighting oppression to be able to just be and recharge. Your thoughts about how Black woken need to be uplifted were so real. Thank you for all you do. This was an amazing episode. Welcome back!

  8. Selester63

    Welcome back Queen Karen, I really enjoyed you telling us about your wonderful trip. It was great seeing the pictures and video via crowd cast. I’m so glad you had a fantastic time. Shout out to all of the white women of color who were living their full pumpkin spice rum punch life with you in Jamaica. Peace.

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