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1564: The Right To Remain Silent But Deadly

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Rod and Karen discuss Tyrese, worms inside a North Korean defector, Wisconsin gets rid of minimum hunting age, Keystone XL pipeline approved in Nebraska, Della Reese dies, Crack is back in the UK, Take A Knee My Ass song, Get Out to compete in comedy for Golden Globes, Black Star Line bar harassed, Chrisette Michele makes BLM song, weave triple homicide, gassy suspect, man calls corpse a sex doll and sword ratchetness.

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  1. RB

    Hearing you speak about the stories that come from North Korea reminded me of a biography that came out in the last couple years by Yeonmi Park, who escaped with her mom when she was 13 (she’s just 24 now). The book is extraordinary not because it’s hyperbolic and propagandist, but because the situations she found herself in were so unlike anything most people would ever experience. It’s called “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom,” and it’s a fairly quick read for anyone interested.

  2. Miss1ko

    Thanks for the golden globe breakdown. That comedy/musical category is a straight workaround scam. Hopefully Get Out gets a win. Though Girls Trip was funny. Side note….Karen you aren’t ignorant for thinking a comedy category is for comedy….that just makes you LITERATE.

    Rod, I need you to write that screen play and find that 175 year old woman to play the lead in love with her zombie husband, lol

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