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1565: LeVar Vs Lavar

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Rod and Karen discuss Zimbabwe has political turmoil, men with muscles and money are attractive, FCC is repealing net neutrality, cop fight, Angela Rye threatened, Facebook allowing advertisers to discriminate, Doc Martens, cop gets 15 years, LeVar Burton harassed over LaVar Ball antics, Taking Out The Trash, White People News and Sword Ratchetness.

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  1. Destructokitteh

    The Zimbabwe situation has been such an emotional rollercoaster as someboby that’s from the neighbouring country. All my Zambian groupchats been busy as hell. Personally I never like the dude because even after helping free the country from colonial occupation, he then went and participated in a lot of shady stuff that ended up hurting the people of the country. I have a lot of complicated feelings about it but I am glad he’s been forced out.

    I do find some of the commentary from white british folks interesting though. A whole lotta folks celebrating with vaguely racist undertones. Also don’t get me started on older folks who were mad Britain’s occupation ended too. Just a mess smh

  2. EvieE

    I hope LaVar Ball never apologizes to Trump. I was reading somewhere from someone who practices international law that LaVar Ball was probably right and didn’t do much of anything for those students because shoplifting really is considered a small offense even in China. It would have been more than likely they would have gotten deported because they’re foreigners.

    The point of doing something nice for someone is not for the thanks but because it’s the right thing to do so I love that LaVar Ball has gotten under Mango Mussolini’s skin. Fuck Trump. Troll on LaVar. Troll on.

  3. reallydarkknight

    Rod and Queen Karen,

    About what is going down in Zimbabwe is very interesting to me. No, not because there was a Military Coup and they took over the country. Not because people’s live will be upset while a new government is getting set up. Nope! Rod should have kept reading that article. They found $8 Billion in cash in Mugabe’s home. That’s right dawg…8. motha-fucking. billion. Straight cash homey!

    I usually dismiss Lavar Ball, but since my TL blew up, I watched for 3 minutes. Funny how Chris Cuomo tried to get Lavar to thank Trump and he wasn’t having one bit of that shit. Lavar Burton’s mentions on the other hand can rest in peace with all of the racism that must be coming his way.

  4. brooklynshoebabe

    Ha! I so appreciate the awkward silence after you said that Sarah Silverman fell in love with Trump voters. At first , I thought my connection drop but then I heard Queen Karen’s disgusted sigh. YES GIRL, I had made the same sound.

    I also love your analysis of Lavar Ball. Although I don’t pay attention to him except when you talk about him on Balls Deep, I want him to keep agitating Trump. Be the troll that Black People need!!!

    I am grateful for TBGWT. Happy Thanksgiving Rod and Karen. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Lol, im guilty of using the facebook market place. last year I sold my Xbox one, when I upgraded to the one s, I like the fact that you can see the person FB and how long they have been on Facebook it made me feel a lil safer about the transaction. Love the show happy thanksgiving

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