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1574: So You’re Engaged To A Racist

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Rod and Karen discuss LGBTQ news, arsonist blames a “random black guy”, a woman seeks advice on being engaged to a racist, racist HS basketball announcer, racist woman in Denny’s, taking out the trash, white people news and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I once dated a guy who took me to meet his father. On the front lawn was a giant confederate flag although my ex claimed his dad was just a civil war buff. Fuck that shit. Needless to say it was over after that. So for that woman to be dating an openly racist man, she’s also racist. And she knows it. She was just looking for validation from someone to tell her she’s still a good person. No lady. You are trash and so is your trash as man. Ain’t no damn dick in the world is good enough for me to tolerate that bullshit.

  2. Anonymous

    Racist guys love black girls. My DMs be white dicks and they pages be racist af! ‍♀️

  3. Anonymous

    First. Just wanna make something clear… masseuse is like calling a black person colored or negro. You can call us M.T.,massage therapist, L.M.T, C.M.T, or Therapist, NEVER MASSEUSE!! Massage envy, massage heights,Massage Green, and others alike are spas/ retreats, not a massage parlor. People arent educated about many things but as a M.T. We here and expeirence sexual comments and words like these are offensive and demeaning… licensed massage therapist go to school and have student debt, not to give blow jobs and hand jobs and deff, not to rape people. But this is why most places choose not to hire male therapists..but Rod is right, when people are involved in mass numbers the probability of fuckedupness goes up. I hate that my career and passion is being disrespected because of shitty people and a dirty Company.

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