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TTM 24: Number Three

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Rod and Bassey discuss NBC’s family drama, “This Is Us.”

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  1. rodimusprime

    Hey Bassey and Rod!

    This is Kevin Shakin. The. Tables!!! Whew, I was not ready to “go there” but I’m glad to be on the ride. I really like sober-and-set-shit-out Kevin. He’s the quintessential new therapy patient that tries to diagnose everybody. He just got saved and now he wants everybody to know how they are going to hell. The thing is, he was pretty on point with his observations. He’s firmly become my #2 original Pearson. He even got in Randall’s shit right properly. Bravo.

    Kate hates her Mama, but she swear she her mama. How you come for the psychologist when Kevin reading your life??? She ain’t do nothing but ask him the questions y’all didn’t ask. I hope this makes both of them less dependent on their twinlepathy thing. And Rebecca, girl, you really can’t tell the therapist to shut down your own son’s voice.

    Randall was right about Kevin’s general privilege, but I’m not sure his speech about perspective was on point, not after Rebecca’s outburst. There is perspective, but there is objective too and he knows he’s his mom’s fave.

    The new big 3- DRAINING. Beth, sis, it’s been a month. You still mad at Kevin? I’m glad she wasn’t there for Kevin’s call out in therapy cause that probably would have well. Toby assuming Kate is telling Kevin about binging but didn’t speak up about finding the food boxes. How you mad at her potentially talking that out in therapy? And Miguel? You still not invited to the party.

    Well, that’s all I have. I’m ready to see Kevin get some answers from Miguel.


  2. rodimusprime

    Hi Rod and Bassey,

    So glad that this show is back. I have to admit that the first half of the season dragged a bit but it was still enjoyable. But this last episode came back swinging. This whole episode had me in my damn feelings. It had me crying like the Intervention Dad again. I have to give a shoutout to the MVP of this episode, Beth. She is me. Because I swear when I perceive someone has hurt the people I love, I will go at them full throttle. Her passive aggressive contempt toward Kevin is everything.

    One thing I didn’t appreciate about this episode was the fact that they are trying to redeem Miguel and I’m not having it! He murdered Jack! I’m sticking to that story until the show proves me otherwise.

    Those flashbacks definitely shed some light on why Kevin felt left out. It did seem like whenever he asked for Rebecca’s attention, she was paying attention to Randall or doing something else. It wasn’t intentional but from a kid’s perspective, I get it. And I don’t even think Rebecca was all that harsh toward Kate, she was just a mom concerned about her kid’s health at least that’s how it came off to me. But when Rebecca broke down and said it was easier to love Randall, I got it. Kevin and Kate weren’t easy kids to love. And while I don’t think Jack and Rebecca were perfect, I hope Kevin will eventually acknowledge they did the best they could. And another thing that bothered me was how even though Kevin is in rehab, he has yet to acknowledge how shitty he treated Randall. I’m glad Randall let him have it. Just because he believed his parents were neglectful toward him, he didn’t have the right to take his frustrations out on Randall who busted his ass to get Kevin to like him. When he threw that football at Randall’s head, I wanted to snatch that kid through the television. And until Kevin acknowledges his treatment of his brother and that he made a lot of mistakes too then fuck him and his rehab.

    Don’t get me wrong, I do feel a bit sorry for him but he’s going to have to come correct if he wants to make a fan out of me.

    I knew there was going to be trouble as soon as I saw Sally Langston. She’s always on that bullshit. But this episode was everything!

    Evie E

    P.S. Fuck Sophie

  3. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod & Bassey –

    Been eagerly awaiting your recap of “Number Three” – it was so exhilarating to see Randall visit Howard University in the 90s. I didn’t go to Howard but I was in college in the 90s and everything from the posters on the wall to Nas and Lauryn Hill in the background brought back college memories. Also, as a sidebar, I wonder if going to Howard contributed to Randall’s tendencies to do the most at all times? I didn’t go to an HBCU but my friends who did assure me that at black colleges, everything is extra. Want to be in band? You gotta “pledge.” Want to be in the gospel choir? You gotta “pledge.” Want to model in the fall fashion show? You gotta “pledge.” This could all just be fiction – I wouldn’t know as I attended a PWI where the hundred or so black students were just happy to have enough of us to have a gospel choir or step team.

    As for episode “Number One,” this was the first time that *I* really saw Kevin. (In a previous email I mentioned that I was on the fence about him.) To me this really gave a lot of insight into who he is…and it makes me wonder. Did it take Jack’s death to make adult Kevin become less of a jerk? Because it seems like there’s a sharp difference between young Kevin and adult Kevin – at least the adult version is able to channel his sarcasm into wit and charm. Oh and that scene where he was crying on Charlotte’s lawn was an absolute killer. This year, I think it might be him competing against Milo for an Emmy. That said, is it weirding anyone else out to see commercials of him as a stripping Santa in “Bad Moms Christmas”?

    While waiting for the show to come back in January, I’m thinking of watching old episodes to see if I can catch glimpses of Kevin grabbing at Jack’s necklace — but I’m also afraid that it will show me other things that the writers might have messed up and ruin my love affair with this show. But I do love the necklace storyline – I had something similar happen with my own Dad (who fortunately is still alive). When I was 15 and really going through a difficult time, he gave me a pendant of St. Christopher that he had found on a football field when he was a teen at a time when he was struggling. St. Christopher is the patron saint of “travelers” – and I like to think of that pendant as coming to both my father and me at a time when we were struggling on our journey to adulthood.

    Sorry for this extremely long message – but thank you for the continued awesomeness of this podcast, which brings a smile to my face each time I listen!

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    Kimberly J

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