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PG 124: DU-Eye

Rod and Justin are joined by B. Cole to discuss basketball, fighting, hackers get our county, Love and Hip Hop, we do some reality show news and answer listener comments.

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  1. rodimusprime

    What up Rod and Justin,

    I just wanted to say that a tear comes to my eye when y’all mention me on the show. I feel like I’m famous and shit. Seriously, thank you for all of the hard work y’all put in for me to be entertained in my cube. 4-5 hours of podcast makes a day melt away. I will be taking more trips for Saturday morning hoop with y’all. Yes it is worth sitting on a plane for 6 hours round trip for that 2 hours. Why? The memories. I appreciate y’all so much again.

    Drow in the D. Holding it down for the Cube Farms.

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