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BDS 234: A Letter To Floyd Mayweather

Rod and Justin are joined by B. Cole to discuss listener feedback, Giants firing their coach, LaVar Ball pulling Jello out of school, Sharapova scamming, Tigers Woods no longer friends with Chuck and Mike, Stoudemire is that baby’s pappy, Mirotic, Hardy MMA career, Mayweather suing ex, Drummond vs Embiid, Grayson Allen on Tinder, Mavs don’t like Noel, Russell Wilson and Ciara, The Rock on player’s protest, D Rose returning to Cavs, sex toy thrown on field, LaVar Ball stuff, D’Antoni’s wife, Russian banned from Olympics, Rivers fined to cussing out fan, agent loses certification, Seattle approves arena, Kaep wins award, Penn State football commit robs Wawa and Lorenzen Wright’s killer may have been found.


  1. rodimusprime

    What up Rod, hopefully Queen Karen, and Jaynovon McNabb. I’m really sick of the people that aren’t shocked or surprised and then tell you to be not surprised or shocked. Giving someone dildos for Christmas three years in a row is shocking. I was surprised that Warren Sappy Sap Sap did that and then blamed CTE. Nope that’s not how that works. Then Donovan McNabb going around asking coworkers if they squirt??? I’m sorry but that shocks me. WHO DOES THAT??? I’m glad you and Karen made it back safe from podcon and the live show sounded great.


  2. jamielscorpio

    What up Rod and J McNabb. Why would them fools join in on anything Sappy Sapp was doing. Will be fascinating to see how the NFL fucks this. Looks like McNabb needs his cell phone privileges taken away along woth Ray Allens. Dope seeing you at Podcon peace

  3. Amani

    Hey Rod and J. Sappy Sapp Sapp

    Between the three of us, we’ve all done a good number of office secret santas. I’d say there’s a level of expertise and experience here. Have either of y’all, ever, in your Black ass life gotten a sex toy for a co-worker? And this dumbass admits it after she brought it up as evidence against him a lawsuit? You know, a good ol’ NON sexual sex toy. He probably just doesn’t understand why he’s in trouble when he paid for it this time. Tell em it was the CTE!

    And how long until we find out this “Coleman” trolling Ray Allen is really Rondo? Who else has that much time, money, and petty? That’s the real reason he never signed with another team, Rondo was keeping him distracted every time he had a workout with somebody. Gotta do anything it takes to keep that nigga out the league.

    And don’t look now, but Josh Gordon is 2-for-2 with good games in the fantasy playoffs.

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