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SMR 154: Star Wars The Last Jedi

Rod and Karen are joined by Aaron for the Black Astronauts Podcast Network to review the latest Star Wars film. We also discussed trailers and your review comments.



    After watching The Last Jedi, I needed a couple of days to collect my thoughts on it. I enjoyed it on the first viewing, but it FELT much different from other Star Wars films. Having seen it in IMAX 3D, I was floored by the themes, deconstructions, innovative storytelling, etc.

    What separated The Last Jedi from other Star Wars films, is not only does it break from the same “dark vs. light” themes, it adds depth to it. Like you & Karen have said about why some are mad at this film, is because folks theories or predictions didn’t come to fruition in this film. As a matter of fact, this film is sooooooooo good, I pretty much retired from stupid fandom, because of how blinding & toxic it can be sometimes, not allowing for nuance.

    Films like The Dark Knight, Captain America 2 & 3 & even games like Batman: Arkham Knight are examples of why I love The Last Jedi, due to it being so deep. Luke Skywalker’s story arc feels earned & even makes him a much redeeming person than the beloved original trilogy. Even Kylo earned some props with his character, as, I felt, he was able to be himself than just another Vader (and seeing the way he fucked up Snoke, I wouldn’t be surprised if Vader would be a tad nervous of his predecessor).

    Rey, Rose, Finn & Poe all had their moments to shine & prosper, even learn a couple of valuable lessons about living to fight another day. It was brilliant storytelling on the themes of failure, which is another reason why I enjoyed this film.

    My only complaint is, I wanted more Phasma. Now, I don’t think she’s dead, but goddamn is she a compelling villain in the SW universe. Rian Johnson is the right man for the job & Kathleen Kennedy, time & time again keeps making great moves for Lucasfilm. Best SW film ever.

  2. hawah1

    Also, side note, Ray and Rose were Captain Save-A-Hoe behind Ben and Finn. Girls, save your selves! Leave these mens to their own destruction. That’s how you save the galaxy. #MenAreTrash #RayAndRoseForTheWin

    • Miss1ko

      I know I’m replying late but I agree with your comment LOL. Don’t save ’em

  3. hawah1

    I won’t lie. I was a little disappointed when I watched the movie. Something wasn’t sitting right with me. I told myself to go watch it again and I really loved it the second time. I figured out that the problem was me. I went in expecting this movie to be fast moving and action packed like Episode 7 but it was slower and more thought provoking. Listening to yall’s recap helped me figure that out. After putting aside my expectations, on the re-watch I picked up on the messages yall mentioned and I cried at the end when Luke died, not even realizing on the first watch I didn’t cry. Thanks so much for your review because it helped me truly appreciate this great movie.

  4. Markjo6

    Loved the review out of curiosity do y’all think Rey was catching feelings for Kylo I wasn’t sure when they touched finger tips but I started thinking that with the way she look at him when they were in the elevator together.

  5. Forest

    On the diversity front with speaking roles, Disney still did that. Look at our main lineup: Finn (black), Rey (white woman), Poe (Latino man) and now Rose (Asian woman). Plus, all the bad guys are white dudes. So, I’m good, bc everybody has someone to relate to.

    I don’t trust Kylo either. I think he was just sensing Rey’s fears and using them to manipulate her into choosing the dark side. I’m hella interested in what she saw when she went into that cave. Y’all didn’t really discuss that, but I’m sure that shit is gonna come back.

    Also, nigga you see that kid hit that broom like Turbo in Breakin 2: Electric Bugaloo?! They might as well had ended playin “We gon be alright!”

  6. Amani

    I definitely appreciated the diversity of characters in the background and even caught Michaela Coel from Chewing Gum, but it would have been great to have a few sisters with speaking lines. Laura Dern acted her ass off, but the character could have easily been a Black woman. Then again people would have still been mad given how her storyline ends, even if that shit was hard as fuck. Also it was a nice moment seeing Carrie Fisher’s daughter having a role next to her mom as the younger woman on the bridge who was helping out Poe.

    Those caretaker creatures took me out just staring at Rey every time she broke something like “if this white woman don’t get the fuck off our island…”

    And I was just waiting for Phasma to kill Hux and take over the First Order military. She’s definitely the new Boba Fett. But we finally got to see Stormtrooper armor actually be useful against lasers! Dope review and movie all around.

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