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PG 125: Black History In School

Rod and Justin discuss traveling to Seattle, flying first class, playing in the snow, Keaton, making jokes, trying to let go of anger so we can see each other better, The Punisher, Hiroshima, Cuba Libre Story and black history in school.

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  1. rodimusprime

    What up Rod and J GOP,

    Justin you ain’t shit, making that white woman feel bad at your job. I grew up in mostly white communities as a kid and I remember the day I found out white folks aren’t offended by slurs but they get offended about their money. Especially who has it compared to them. That’s why this tax bill is real funny. The GOP is about to mess with folks money but you know they’ll be blaming Obama or Hilary or whatever new democrat is on the scene. Having said that, how are things going at the office.

    Justin, you still supporting these black women? I love having NeNe back on Housewives even though she is problematic. Who would you take with you if you went to her Gals and Gays party? I’ll admit I miss Phaedra, but the producers need to add Shamea as a permanent cast member. Yall know why. Justin have you been watching Married to Medicine? This cheating scandal is messing up ALL the relationships. These couples need to stay away from any black shows to avoid more projection. Watching these shows kinda makes me side-eye you a little bit Justin. Are you like Cecil, all nice and shit on camera but mean as hell when you get home? I don’t know, I’ll have to watch next week’s episode to see.

    On a more serious note, Rod is was great to hear you and Karen recap your trip to Seattle for PodCon. I always have to pat myself on the back for finding and subscribing to your podcast all those years ago. I could’ve gone down so many other ashy paths like with Steve Harvey or Charlemagne, but I found yall. I can’t wait to hear what adventures yall go on next due to the podcast’s success.

    Great shows and Happy Holidays yall,


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