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BDS 235: Return Of The Sapp

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, a sexual scandal at the NFL network, Goodell signs extension, Warren Moon is trash, Quinton Jefferson, the Ball kids go to Lithuania, Ayesha Curry, Lebron won’t go to the Rockets, Barkley, 2.5 million dollar survivor pool, Geno Smith daddy, Eli Apple, Chris Bosh mama, Cousins tried to fight KD, Larry Johnson and the CTE, Jose Canseco stupid, Embiid talking shit, Sterling Shepard proposes, Pacers being classless, Las Vegas Aces, Morris twins buy out layaway, Mark Cuban on NBA vs NFL, Aaron Rodgers returns, Saints season ticket holder wants refund, Terry Glenn, Pitino stopped Hornets move, Postorius bruised in jail, LaVar Ball, Kobe and ESPN text exchange published.


  1. cocoqt81

    Hey, Rod and J Diddy. Hope y’all had a good week. Can we all agree that Jerry Richardson being racist isn’t a surprise? He looks like he says Nigra. Also, someone has to teach Cam the phrase “no comment” I cannot watch him fall on the sword for his racist ass owner. Like, my god, child, draw the line somewhere! LOL at Diddy thinking they’d entertain him being an owner. He threw that shit in about giving Kaep a job so people will have something to point to for him not getting the team other than the fact that they would just never let his black ass own a team. lol Of all the niggas, they might sell a team to, he ain’t gonna be one of them. Anyway, Happy Holidays! Smooches!

  2. Amani

    Hey Rod and J. Richardson

    Oh excuse me, Mister. This nigga

    I don’t know whether to start with the sexism, racism, or overall hypocrisy first. For all that talk about doing things the right way, and a good clean cut franchise, SURPRISE it’s just another old, white man stuck off his power. Was he walking around the complex like he was Negan? Just having niggas avoiding eye contact and bowing and snatch up a new “wife” whenever he feels like it. Back that garbage truck up again!

    And you KNOW the other owners are shook by this whole climate. Players are talking about racism and destroying the illusion that they’re just bodies in the machine AND you’re getting in trouble for groping women? Jerry Jones must have done the Arthur fist when he found out. You know he’s next, that’s why he’s been going so hard the last couple of months. He doesn’t want to show up at the next meeting and see Diddy and Goodell shake hands kicking him out the league.

    And look at Dough still trying to stick up for his trash ass Black Quarterbacks. Just can’t help himself like Rod trying to hold up so good against Justin’s Lithuianian racism.

  3. Dr_Doughstax

    Shit, where are my manners?

    I hope y’all have a wonderful day and enjoy your holiday!

  4. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, maybe Karen and Jornell West,

    I hope all is well with y’all.

    Jerry Richardson is an old white man from South Carolina with a box shaped head. Like he damn near has 8 corners on his head. Like if took your glasses off, you’d assume you were looking at a character from a Playstation One Capcom game. *Of course* he ain’t shit. Can’t trust a person with perfect vertrxes on their head. I ain’t remotely surprised by him being trash and sexually terrorizing his employees.

    Need an entire dump truck to carry his ass outta the facility.

    Now him out here having folks just address him as Mister? Y’all know his Guess The Race answers would’ve set the block on fire! Mister was probably a begrudging compromise since someone probably had to convince him that Massa would uncouth. I knew Richardson was racist when I heard the first time he met Cam and told him to always shave and not to get any tattoos, like Jermery Shockey wasn’t on the rooster looking like a Hell’s Angel.

    If you closed your eyes and had to listen to Jerry Richardson, Bob McNair and Jerry Jones talk football and had to guess what year they were from, would your guess be before or after 1860?

    Is there anyone y’all would like to see own the Panthers? Is there anyone y’all would not want to see own Panthers, like that dude Bob Johnson? I’d love to see Jordan buy the Panthers just so he could be out here in his parachute jeans talking bad about Cam’s wardrobe.

    Is it wrong that I’m kinda protective of trash Browns QB Deshonne Kizer cuz he’s Black? I mean, there ain’t much else about him to defend. He’s thrown 6 TDs this season versus 15 INTs, but goddamnit Eli Manning had thrown 21+ INTs in 3 different seasons and what Browns QB has been good? Derek Anderson has been our best QB since 1999. At least we’re still on the road to being unwinfeated!

  5. DeonBmore

    What up Rod & J. Richardson,

    Say it ain’t so! Ya’ll owner literally had people calling him mister and that’s probably the mildest thing he did. He was trying to pull off that “I’m an old man, so it’s not creepy” shit with his female employees. He gave up control of the team so quick you know that some other shit went down. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was strolling around his office butt ass naked like those old white men do in the locker room at the gym with no regard for others.

    No wonder Cam was on his all lives matter shit. I would be surprised if he had all the black employees walking around in straw hats and Aunt Jemima head scarves with a fresh Hardees butter biscuit in their back pockets.

    Since your owner is trash, I invite you and Justin to become fans of a classy football franchise. I mean yeah our owner blocked the coaches and GM from bringing in Kapernick, and our most beloved player might be a coon, our last great running back was caught on camera hitting his wife and the franchise forced his wife to apologize for her part in her beating. Also that beloved player might have been implicated in a double homicide.

    On second thought you might just want to keep rooting for the Panthers.


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