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SMR 155: Molly’s Game

Rod and Justin review Aaron Sorkin’s latest movie Molly’s Game.

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    Molly’s Game is solid, but the film is textbook Sorkin with his, at times, overwrought storytelling & preachy dialogue. Jessica Chastain & Idris Elba have solid chemistry together, and, for me, it’s where the movie shines the most. Also, shout out to Kevin Costner playing a jerk psychologist dad, but he did a good job, anyway. I kinda wanted to see more Michael Cera, but I guess he played out his alloted part. He’s never played a character like that in his career, since, he typically plays pushover characters for his career; so, it was a good change of acting for him. This film reminds me of another film, where, Chastain was a leading lady in 2016’s Ms. Sloane. She played a cutthroat lobbyist who’s on trial for ethics violations. I don’t know if a film like that is up your alley, but it’s really good & is better than Molly’s Game.

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