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1581: Fat Albert Vs The Police

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Rod and Karen discuss Coates deleting his twitter, black fatalism, LGBTQ news, SC city banning bump stocks, update on Detroit rape kits, India bans condom ads, Palin family drama, Cory Booker threatened, woman discovers husband is cheating, how to get out of bed, Oakland PD is more racist when tired, Trump making race relations worse, Jingle Bells is racist, DOJ not investigating police, police shoot more people than they reported, couple blames Fat Albert for crime, White People News and Sword Ratchetness.

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  1. Spiteful Chant

    As a Black person, I find that I’m not really driven by hope as much as I am spite. But Black people aren’t supposed to have these negative emotions according to some. Even though we have every right to have them. If people want us to have a nicer view of America then maybe America could stop being so racist….

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