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1580: Blackademic Beef 2 – Neoliberal Boogaloo

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Rod and Karen break down the latest round of Blackademic Beef this time involving Cornel West vs Ta-Nehisi Coates! Oh my god is that Jelani Cobb’s music I hear?! We also do some random thoughts and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    Someone needs to check Cornel West’s blood pressure because that dude stays salty.


    Sick with the flu (cough) but Karen and husband is helping me get through it.

    Get your flu shots the flu is real out here. Lol

  3. Michael Williams

    Rod and Karen!! Your intellectual beef recap was amazing. You guys gave a good mix of insightful commentary and humor. I listened to this episode 3 times and hollered out loud each time!!

    2pac in the background was the perfect soundtrack to the Blackademic throw down. It’s perfect for the “I’m woke but you will get this verbal heat” crowd ie Angela Rye, Michael Eric Dyson.

    Can’t wait to the see Cornel West on VladTV explaining his side and him trying to protect the “culture” looking like his Boondocks character.

    This was delicious!

    Great episode guys!

  4. D Ramsey PhDone

    This entire podcast is 1000! Come through Jelani Cobb with receipts and screenshots!

  5. JD

    I limited my twitter for my sanity’s sake and went back after reading that article the other morning…just to see (that masochism again). Perusing just reminded me how folks refuse to read and use Google but STILL wanna engage in debates with the least bit of information possible. I really wish I had that much confidence and/or fuck it in my system to be so boldly loud and wrong. I, too, am all for critique and push back and good substantive debates, but this shit is ridiculous and disheartening. (Nikole Hannah-Jones’s mentions were especially frustrating). I agree with y’all and many others – this was petty and lazy and possibly a ploy for attention.

    Y’all continue to be careful out in these internet streets – folks are relentless in the dumbest way possible.

  6. brooklynshoebabe

    I do not have anything intelligent to add to this conversation, but as a 45-year-old woman, I am so glad to hear about a beef where I know all the players!! My now ex-husband is a huge Ta-Nehesi Coates fan and was also a big Derrick Bell fan when we were in college. This gave me all intellectual feels–these vocabulacious muthafuckers. 🙂

  7. Tiffany

    Cornel West reminds me of the “pick me” women on Facebook and Twitter. Essentially, anytime he is not the guy of the moment he launches an attack against the person who is under the guise of Black people, let’s band together and turn our backs on *insert adversary* because they are the neoliberal puppet of the white man. The kicker however is anytime a Bill Maher or CNN pundit needs saving West is the first to lay across the tracks of forgiveness and understanding. Whether intentional or subconscious West wants to be THAT ONE BLACK GUY and doesn’t believe there is enough room for everyone else.

    As for your comments on hope, I agree. We as Black people will never top a system that was designed without is mind in the first place. However that doesn’t mean that we should just lay down and take it. #blackexcellence, #blackgirlmagic, #blackboyjoy, and the like are perfect examples of us celebrating us without the need for or desire of validation from the majority. Our excellence and general badassary is not contingent upon the validation of a system or matrix that does not and will never genuinely see it for us.

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