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BDS 236: Damp Lips

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, Jerry Richardson, Diddy talking about buying the Panthers, chicken wing sales, Ray Allen case dropped, Maame Biney, John Skipper resigns, Justin Gatlin back on them drugs, James Brown caught slipping, Belichick bans Tom Brady’s friend from locker room, Phil Jackson doesn’t attend Kobe’s retirement, Serena Williams nursing daughter, Marvin Lewis on coaching Bengals next year, Lorenzen Wright’s wife arrested and Cam gives to the kids.


  1. Jafancy

    Hi Rod, J. Dabo ( I hate Clemson and I am glad they lost), and maybe Karen.

    I know y ‘all don’t talk much soccer or Futbol, but it’ 2018 and a World Cup year. Rod commented once he feels American racism is “better” than European racism, and I would agree. However, I present a point for the Europeans. So last month Antoine Griezmann (pronounced Greece man), a prominent soccer star for the French national team and plays club soccer for Atletico Madrid (in Madrid, Spain) decided to go full black face to dress up for a party. Let me know what you guys think?
    Do you partly commend him for the full commitment to the racist gesture? It literally took him way more time to darken his skin than to just put on the basket ball uniform and go the part.
    Who is an American athlete you think would do this?
    I enjoy the show and wish you guys a happy new year.

  2. cocoqt81

    Hey, Rod and J 2017. I hope y’all had a good year in spite of the fact that some pretty terrible things happened. I really enjoyed the podcasts this year and I hope you all keep up the good work next year! Smooches!

  3. Amani

    Hey Rod, J. Apple and possibly Queen Karen

    Happy Kwanzaa niggas! I know our shit talker-in-chief Lavar Ball is in the spirit! Forget taking on the pros like the XFL or ABA, starting a league to take on the NCAA? That’s lowkey genius. The Big Baller League for kids who don’t want to work on the plantation or go overseas really could work. But you know his kids are like why couldn’t you do this before we got sent over to Lithuania???

    And look how my man peeped game and got ahead of it. Them other two niggas at UCLA got suspended for the rest of the year, meanwhile LiAngelo getting paid for shoplifting. Neva Lost! Now, I still ain’t see anybody on the timeline get their shoes from him yet, so I don’t know how often them checks are gonna come…

    Who knew Kawhi would have the best commercial on Christmas? Changed my whole outlook on him in 60 seconds. That new Black Panther tho! Disney knows the Christmas games are the Black Super Bowl so they dropped us a little gift under the tree.

    Speaking of surprise gifts, Serena back in the building!! Already got Sharadopa the Winter Soldier saying petty shit and mad so you know she’s in midseason form.

    It’s the last show of the year, so just want to thank y’all for a dope ass, black ass show every week. Appreciate the hell of you and hope next year is even more fulfilling.

  4. Darienfoxx

    What up Y’all,

    It seems like ever Black person with money in America wants to buy the Panthers. I got $50 I can put towards a down payment. I also have three suggestions. First of all, of course we have to sign Kaep (but he still has to apologize to Cam). Second, we change the name of the team to the Black Panthers. Third, we replace the national anthem with “Never Too Much.” If you don’t dance, you’re being disrespectful to the ghosts of civil right leaders. Let me know if you want me to put together that gofundme.

    Also, just a shout out to y’all holding it down for another year. 2017 was a crazy for sure, but I can always count on this very serious sports show to tell it like it is.

    Happy new year! Peace.

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