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TNO 99: The Inhumans Conspiracy

Rod, Kriss, Aaron and Karen discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Disney buys Fox, Avengers Woke-Off, Fear The Walking Dead update, Uber got hacked, Frozen short removed from Coco, Tomb Raider, Secret Warriors animated movie, Punisher renewed, Kathleen Kennedy would love Taika for Star Wars, Bryan Singer, Walking Dead spoiler control, Tarantino Star Trek, Loki YA novel, Crow remake, She-Ra reboot, JK Rowling defends casting Depp, Kill or Be Killed series, Marvel took out the Trump joke from comic, Star Wars review bombed, MoviePass reaches 1 million subscribers, DC won’t allow Arrow to use Deathstroke, iPhones getting battery draining issues, Ryan Reynolds to star in Pokemon movie, Legend of Zelda in development, Alita Battle Angel eyes, Netflix has as many subscribers as cable, canceled comics for Marvel, Gail Simone advice to writers and Pokemon Go settlement.


  1. rodimusprime

    What up Rod, Kriss, Aaron, and hopefully Karen,

    Happy New Year to everybody, except that coon droid. I really thought we’d take a break during the holidays but white folks keep white folking it up. What is the most outlandish reason you’ve heard for The Last Jedi being terrible? Mine is that Rey is a “confused” character that doesn’t have a definitive side, so therefor she sucks. Some of my friends are saying this shit too! I want to line them up and slap them Three Stooges style. It’s almost funny except that it’s so dumb it’s frustrating. We just got done with a full year of consequences for voting for Trump and people don’t see the parallels in TLJ. Either that or dudes think the movie is TOO political. Nigga the Empire was based off of Nazi Germany, I need these nerds to chill.

    Yall know I had to drop off my quick review of Battlefront 2, it’s lit. They pretty much improved on everything the first one lacked. My favorite portion of the game is Starfighter Assault. That game mode is like Starfox Team Deathmatch with Lucas characters. The best thing about the game are little things like radio chatter, you can sometimes hear BB8, Clone Wars soldiers or other famous characters saying things while the match goes on. And just like the movies, RIP to those Y-Wing pilots, those people can totally alter the game but they die just like in the movies. The heroes they added are pretty cool too. They added Finn and Phasma after the movie’s release but you can even play as Lando, Yoda, or Rey. Jar-Jar Jenkins aint in this one. When you play the game you do realize how integral starcards are during matches, but you can easily see that EA’s marketing team messed up the game’s release. The starcards add different playstyles to each match and a gameplay element really shouldn’t be “locked off” until you play for 40ish hours. If you guys want a really fun Star Wars game I’d look for it when it goes on sale.

    I meant to ask this question before 2017 ended but procrastination. If Karen is there I wanted to ask her how Rod the Cow is doing in Stardew Valley? I’m waiting for the game to go on sale and really enjoyed Karen’s review of the game last year.

    Sorry for the length, peace and have a good weekend,


  2. ClassicRandBLover

    Hello Rod. Kriss, Aaron and maybe Queen Karen,

    Rod, I wanted to comment on your thoughts about the Jedi order from the last podcast. I was happy to hear your thoughts because I spent years during and following the prequels trying to get people to understand the very things you said. I was always met with accusations that I was trying to excuse Vader, even when I explained that that was not the case. People simply refused to modify their good guy/bad guy narrative to accept that the Jedi played a large part in the existence and subsequent dominance of the Sith. They took children, left people enslaved, ran and hid which not only allowed Vader and Palpetine to run amuck, but ignored the generation of potential Jedi who went undiscovered and untrained. Heck, Obi-Wan and Yodi, both of whom believed Annakin was the chosen one ignored his concerns and fears. Obi-Wan, who clearly knew about Annakin and Padme but ignored it until it was too late played a great role in The Emperor being able to insinuate himself into Annakin’s life in the role of the confidant he could turn to. Yes Annakin did wrong and horrendously evil things, but it wasn’t as black and white as people want to make it.

    I was wondering if anyone is watching Happy and Superstition, both of which air on SyFy.

  3. Jafancy

    Hi all,

    Do any of you watch Marvel’s Runaways on Hulu? I have really enjoyed it so far and hope they get a season 2.

    I enjoy the TNO show, you all do a great job and are very informative and entertaining.

  4. Amani

    100 episodes goddamn! From the greatness of Karen’s Fables rant, to Smiling Kriss Face, and Coonstoppers shout out to y’all for bringing that heat every time out. Now y’all have the track record to finally get Toilet Snakes off the ground. Or Kriss’s 90s Expendables reboot.

    The Walking Dead story you read has me worried since Scott Gimple took over as showrunner on Fear too, and they pushed out the original creator. If folks were mad at him for the last season and a half on the main show, now he’s doing both. Welp!

    And I know y’all don’t watch much college football but nigga they giving us a Kendrick show for the championship game AND more Black Panther footage? This halftime is about to be HBCU lit!

    P.S. I’m still mad at Kriss posting that video of the 90s X-Men theme over the Marvel Studios intro because now I can’t get it out of my head. So I think I’m obligated to shame him for trying to hold back Ashanti and the Thirst Order.

  5. rodimusprime

    Hello TNO Crew (and hopefully Karen),

    I hope all is well. I love this show, especially the positive nature of the conversations (nerd culture can be so toxic).

    You need to play and finish Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. It is hard, but I just played it on easy (It feels great to be a Nazi-killing God). I don’t want to spoil the game, because there is some crazy shit in here; but, let me whet your appetite.

    1) The leader of the resistance is a Black woman.
    2) Ronald Reagan gets what he deserves in this game.
    3) This maybe one the best critiques of modern America (especially under Trump) in popular media.

    I would love to hear a spoiler cast of the game with Karen, Kriss, Aaron and Rod.

    Again, thanks for a great show, and please play this game!


  6. emiles316

    Now y’all know Disney not about have Quentin Tarantino on NO parts of a Star Wars movie. It’ll be one of those situations where the director “walks away” due to creative differences. Just imagine “beam me up moon cricket” lmao!

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