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1591: Spanking The Sad Clown

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Rod and Karen are joined by Dexter, Mike, Dani, Dane and Nic Ju in the studio with Shadow Dog Productions to discuss police shooting numbers, federal government targeted weed, Mary J Blige gets a star, Essence bought by black owned group, men can test their sperm strength, racist teacher in Dollar tree, Richard Spencer, GA police arrest 70 black party goers, taking out the trash, Nigerian prince scam, man disembowels brother in law, OK woman marries her mom and sword ratchetness.

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  1. FalconsDiva

    Great show! I really enjoyed all the guests, especially Nic Ju because I am WAY behind on What’s the Tea.

    Karen was right about black women holding grudges. While I was quick to forgive Shea Moisture, I dropped my Essence subscription shortly after they were bought by Time, Inc. While the articles were the same, I hated all the ads and inserts. I’m not sure if they’ve change (because I’ve held on to my grudge all these years) but the first time I received my Essence thick and heavy with advertisements like Vogue, I cut the cord. My grudge wasn’t deep enough to keep me from the Essence music fest. Now that they’re back to being 100% black owned, I’m going to subscribe again. Even if they still have all the ads, I’m doing it for the culture.

  2. gattsu25

    Hearing about those cops arresting 70 people for a single minor offense has me wondering if those cops watched the hotel scene in “Detroit” and took notes. Similar reason for why the cops were called to the party, too.

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