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1590: Who Are The Good Hoteps?

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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. FalconsDiva

    Hey Karen and Rod!!!

    Rod, thank you for your comments on the Black Panther boycott! I woke up one morning to a tweet from Beauty Jackson debunking the myth. I wondered where this supposed boycott was coming from so I did my research. I searched Michael B Jordan on twitter and saw it started with an IG post. Like you taught me, I noticed that the post had 6 likes before it was shared by black men dogging out black women. My search unearthed a bunch of women arguing against the boycott and men mad at women because of the boycott. I was going to ignore all this until this non-story was included in the entertainment report of one of the local radio stations. I texted the station and told them it was fake news. Later that morning I was listening to the sports station and they teased the story. It was then that I went to twitter and called out both stations. They both said that the story was from a reputable source (the ajc, our local paper) but thankfully the sports station never discussed the story in depth.

    On the exit row, if you do get a chance to choose your seats on the plane the exit row does have more leg room. But the seats aren’t as roomy. On some planes, there’s less hip room because the arm rest does not come up, it’s a full ‘wall’ between you and your seat mate. Also, the exit row seats don’t recline so that’s a plus. If there are multiple exit rows, get the last one – your seat will recline but the seats in front of you won’t. Just a little FYI.

  2. AkaDimiX

    I will say tho, my brother in law, who is genuinely a good dude. Claims Hotep. That said, I never talked to him about LGBT stuff, but he isn’t mysoginyst. I never talked to him super in depth though…

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