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TNO 100: Black Women Aren’t Boycotting Black Panther

Rod, Kriss, Aaron and Karen discuss listener feedback, entertainment, The Gifted renewed, Ridley Scott thought Blade Runner was too long, The Punisher logo lawsuits, Jon Bernthal on the alt-right, Max Landis not returning for Bright sequel, Kelly Marie Tran harassed, Margot Robbie received death threats, swatting hoax ends in death, Last Jedi hits $1 billion, Jodie Foster hating, Apple apologizes for slowing down phones, Pirates had a 2 million dollar snack budget, Lemony Snickets season 2, Kendrick doing Black Panther concept album, Young Justice on Netflix but not in the US, DeWanda Wise cast in Captain Marvel, Warner Bros gets new head of DC films, Runaways gets season 2, X-Files won’t continue without Gillian Anderson, Gillian also won’t return to American Gods season 2, James Bond, Rick and Morty, Xbox One game rumors, Game of Thrones, Spider-Man Homecoming 2 filming in June, Animaniacs, Legion season 2 coming in April and a fake hoax about black women boycotting Black Panther.


  1. Amani

    2018 is so goddamn Black, Jeff Sessions tried to arrest it! You realize they announced Atlanta season 2, Proud Mary, two new Dora Milaje features, and we got Black Lightning just since the last Nerd Off? At this rate we might actually put together that cookout that everybody’s afraid we’ll invite white people to.

    And if i told you Jumanji would make more money than a Justice League movie, how fast would have blocked me? This is who you are now DC. We’ll get a Jumanji sequel before the Rock’s Black Adam movie they’ve been talking about forever. Anybody want to take a bet which happens first that, Gambit or The Flash?

    And I just want to give y’all credit. This show has been on the front lines of the great sex bot coverage for years before it finally exploded on the timeline. And now we’ve got unstoppable bionic dicks and models coming in thick sizes. 2018 just going all the way with it.

  2. rodimusprime

    Hello Rod, Karen, and the crew,

    Black lightening is blacker than a razor blade in a bra at a spades game. Goddamn, is “Strange Fruit” the secret code to let black folks know this shit will be real? It’s a total different vibe from the other CW shows, to the point they feel lite compared to it. Nothing wrong with that, just different.

    Rod I hope you got that Fox movie news, cause we are over due a Chris rant. They knocked New Mutants back almost a year. Has a movie ever been pushed back a year and been good? The trailer didn’t excite me because if you take away the Marvel and New Mutant logos, it felt like a quick buck horror movie they would dump in January or February.

    Now Black Panther is the king of the avengers? Marvel getting spicy and I am loving it.

    Anyway take care guys and keep up the good work.


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