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BDS 238: Mike Vick In The Dog House?

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen and the champion of the Balls Deep Sports fantasy league Shirley to discuss listener feedback, coaches getting fired in the NFL, Vince Carter, Ball family news, Dr J was in the hospital, Manziel in the CFL, Hardy in the XFL, Dez Bryant won’t take pay cut, GA judge Rose Bowl decision, D Rose, Miguel Sana denies it, Daniela Rajic shows Paul George baby off, Braylon Edwards “prank”, Jalen Rose, Serge Ibaka fight, Laura Dern swirling with B Dizzle, Laura Govan not cheating, Serena coming back, Pop passes Karl, Cruz is with Karrueche, Rich Rod, TJ Ward caught with 99 grams, Tyson weed farm, Lil B vs Kuzma, Mark Richt, Lebron wont’ commit, Bradley accused of sexual assault, Gronk comedy show, Vick cheating, NFL heiress racism, Gruden on Cousins, New England drama, Scott Tucker gets prison, Aaron Rodgers and Danica Patrick dating, Blandino, Kevin Stallings and an NBA fight over the n-word.



  1. J-Full

    What up Rod and Jeorgia Julldogs,

    I hope I got this in under the wire. But my Georgia Bulldogs lost in true Georgia team fashion. I was heartbroken. I didn’t even go to work yesterday.

    But unlike the Falcons and Braves I won’t quit UGA. Georgia football is competitive every year, which, now that I think about it, makes the loss hurt more. The falcons are historically so putrid that the super bowl was a long shot. But I really thought we had a chance to beat Bama. But once again, a Saban-style defense was done in by a mobile QB.

    Speaking of Saban, he’s the greatest college football coach ever. Alabama needs to rename their stadium after him. Bear Bryant, whose name is on the stadium currently, has 6 championships, but 3 of them were pre-integration so fuck those championships. Matter fact, all these championships pre-integration need to have asterisks.

    Speaking of integration, the Winter Olympics is further proof that white people can’t excel at anything unless they keep other people out. Did yall hear about the Black woman that was a roller derby player 4 months ago and made the olympic long track speed skating team?

    Final thing on the winter olympics, I copped a “Wakanda Olympic Curling Team” t-shirt, for the culture, but I’m still not going to see the movie.

  2. Dr_Doughstax

    Howdy Rod and Jipsey Hustle,

    I hope all is well. I ain’t write in to y’all last show cuz it was on Sunday and I don’t take my ADHD meds on weekends, so I read the reminder and forgot once I clicked off it. My bad y’all.

    I do not know how Hue Jackson still has his job. Last I checked, Hue is still a nigga that has won a single game in two years (beating the Chargers). Jimmy Haslam is still an old white man with teeth so brown he probably flosses with a noose. And yet Hue still has his job cuz his leadership guided the Browns to that unwinfeated season and the first and fourth overall picks! Shouts out to those who doubted the Browns could fall this far. But in the words of modern American Negro poet Young Jeezy: Ya gotta believe! And lord knows I believed the Browns!

    Congratulations to Shirley on winning the Balls Deep League! Also, Cleveland might be to blame for TJ Ward smoking that weed. He started his career in Cleveland and he was good for at least one “that nigga will need to tell de troot” grade hit a game. So, um, sorry about that.

    Coonery never prospers and can have unintended consequences. Georgia football legend and possible Inhuman Herschel Walker should’ve known that when he was on Fox News swearing that Trump was a good man. Conversely, Alabama current runningback Bo Scarborough was heard screaming “Fuck Trump!” before the game.

    Is it wrong that I want the Saints to beat New England in the Super Bowl because Saints Twitter fans are ruthless, fucking hilarious and I know the memes about the Falcons would be fiyah?

    Does the championship or bust binary predate Jordan, or do y’all think that Jordan’s legacy created it? I mention Jordan cuz it seems like every argument about the GOAT goes back to him and his 6 rings. Bulls fans around here get sick when I hit them with if rings are the how we’re measuring greatness, than Jordan is just a parachute jean bamma ass nigga compared to the GOAT Big Shot Bob.

    Better Business Bureau might have given Big Baller Brand an F, but that ain’t an L! How fitting is it that BBB calls folks brokeboys for asking for when their shoes will arrive?

    Sorry for the length of this and have a great day y’all! Peace!

  3. DeonBmore

    What up Rod & Justin

    I really enjoyed ya’ll having Shirley and Karen on the last episode. It was nice to have folks on the show that actually know some factual shit. I was laughing the entire episode when Shirley & Karen kept having to correct the “fake news” facts ya’ll were spitting. Justin I don’t expect to know anything factual about sports with the possible exception of basketball. Rod’s mental lapses I’ll just blame on him being distracted with the game while trying to podcast.

    Shout out to the Georgia Bulldogs, just when I thought the state of Georgia couldn’t snatch defeat from the jaws of victory again they proved me wrong. My VP is a Georgia alum, has season tickets, went to the Rose Bowl & the Championship game. That white man was so defeated in the office yesterday it almost made me feel bad for him. Shout out to the black woman that is in the office next to him. She’s an Alabama grad, came into the office in a Crimson sports coat and a hounds-tooth hat. Her troll game all day was on 10 at work.

    I was sad to hear about Mike Vick cheating on his wife. You would’ve thought that his parents would’ve trained him better back when he was a young pup. Alot of times men try to hang with the big dogs and it causes them to stray away from the down ass bitch they have at home. I know he’s in the doghouse now, but hopefully he can be a good boy and make amends. I think the best thing for his family would be for him to put a muzzle on any public comments and just try to work it out.

  4. Amani

    Hey Rod and Jaylanta

    Pour one out for the homie DPalm. Georgia football teams have made an art form out of finding the most breaking way to lose. But at least they put Bo on the telecast. ESPN had to do something to make up for delaying his show.

    Rod got me thinking on my conspiracy hot take with that Patriots falling apart story. What if Belichick leaked it once he found out how much they were giving Gruden. If you give Chuck $100 million, how much is he worth? I’ve already seen people running with it and saying he’s trying to go the Giants. Either way he’s creating leverage he didn’t have to get that last big contract. This is chess not checkers!

    And shout out to Richie Incognito still being in the league and still being racist.

  5. think_p_smart

    Ok y’all. I knew I wasn’t crazy about never having paid for laundry. Just made weekend reservation and got the following message on the booking confirmation screen:

    USD 25 daily fee added to room rate includes USD 30 laundry/valet credit, USD 20 beverage credit and more.

    So maybe this is why I don’t recall paying a stated laundry fee.i hope folks aren’t being charged this AND the fee they were talking about in the chat room.

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